Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hey Strangers :)

Alright, so my blog is pretty sad right now, which i'm sure you are all too ;)
I thought that when I came to school I would have more time to blog about the awesome things that have happened this semester! FALSE!
I have had NO time. I'm always running around, writing papers, doing homework, or taking tests and quizzes!... ok, not all the time. I do have a social life :)
But that's the other thing! I haven't taken my camera out all semester. I kind of suck at taking pictures now. 
But overall, this semester has been a great one!

Let me fill you in on my time here in Rexburg the last three months.

Classes: My classes were great! I'm pretty proud of my work that i've done in all of them... I took a marriage prep class which was amazing. If any of you get a chance to take it... i highly recommend it. English 101 was amazing because I had an outstanding teacher. She is truly an angel! American Foundations... still kicked my butt. BUt i'm ok with it! In my religion class I made a new life long friend, she's so great! And my vocal class... oh my vocal class was great :) So hilarious and so easy. i was able to sing songs of my own choice for recitals and having my best friend Tyler in the class made it that much more fun!

Roommates: Let's start with Stacey. She is truly an angel sent from Heaven. I'm pretty sure she was brought into my life for more than one reason. She has taught me so much in such a short amount of time.
Paige: I consider her the mother of the household. She is the one who always wants to cook us dinner and such. She's always looking out for us. I love it.
Cassandra: My best friend since we were little! We were both a little nervous to live together but we were just fine :) I loved having her right across the hallway to talk. 
Wendy: Wendy is hilarious. She is so blunt in the way she talks about things and I love it! She's  not afraid to speak her mind. I know that when i'm having a bad day, maybe because of a boy, i can talk to her and she'll easily have a boy bashing party with me. 
Nicole: My room-roommate. She's been pretty great! She lets me talk to her about things that she has no idea what's going on... my stories can be boring sometimes but she always listens. She's always willing to help AND she came to my final recital which i loved having her there!

I'm grateful for all of my roommates this semester.
I'm also grateful for ALL of the friends i've made. It's amazing how close you can get to people in such a short time. I'm going to miss all of them so so much. But i'm sure i'll see them again :)

Sorry there's no pictures... i wasn't lying when I said I haven't taken any. 
If you're still reading this.. I love you.

Peace & Blessings