Monday, August 30, 2010

Because Every Little Thing, Is Gonna Be Alright :)

I've realized that some people take some things WAAAYYYY too seriously, it ridiculous! One thing i've learned is that we all need to laugh at ourselves and not stress about the small things. What's the point? Why chose to let someone's comment ruin your day/night/week/month, whatever it may be! We have the choice to be happy. No one else can make that decision for us. 

The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up.  ~Mark Twain

This quote made me think of an experience I had at work (JcPenney.. i have 2 jobs now!) This family came in and they had gift cards from their grandma. We had a great deal going that day that when you spent $25 you got $10 off! great right? Anyways, they got tons of great stuff! but towards the end the were getting nervous that they wouldn't have enough and the mom kept saying.. we cant go over because i have no money to cover the rest. I sat here listening when the son brought up a box of cologne.. ( the coupon doesnt work on cologne) so it was $50 and they only had $47 left on the last card, so they started freaking out. So as they are trying to figure out something to do, i took a certain percentage off ( I have that power:) ) and made it so the cologne was $46. and I turned to them and said "This will be $46" and the mom started questioning me, I told her what I did and she started crying.. and since im emotional i started tearing... love women right? :) this family was so incredibly happy! and that made me so happy!
I was a little nervous that my manager would ask me about the discount i gave them, but come to show, she was watching the whole time!! gosh.. haha but she was very impressed with how i handled it. Which is another reason i was happy :)
It really does feel so great to help & serve others. We all have opportunities everyday, whether it be at the grocery store, at work, or just a park. There's always an opportunity awaiting!! 
Choose to be happy, there's no reason not to. Do not sweat the small things. Who cares what others think of you, if they don't like what you do. 

"There is no one alive who is  you-er than you" - Dr. Seuess 

( & this is me :] )

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Throw My Hands Up In the Air Sometimes... :]

         I've been dying to go to feed the ducks all summer & get a snocone.. pathetic? It's part of summer :) I finally got to, and with my good friend Dr. Carlisle. We went & fed the ducks this afternoon. We went to get day old bread from... I don't know the name of it, but they gave us 6 loaves of bread for one dollar! I love that kind of deal. So we made our way to the river, which by the way, is still so amazingly gorgeous to me. That view of the temple. Love it! ANYWAYS, it started off great! We had a few ducks around us and some geese... but they either got really full or (i believe) they are high maintenance... they don't like day old bread, or wheat bread. I now hate those few specific birds that were there today. 
       We then started snacking on the bread, taking pictures and throwing all of the bread onto the walkway and into the birdless water. After decided we couldnt get rid of the two loaves he had left, we threw them away and headed to get snocones! The first time we went we got peach ring... amazing, i decided to branch out a little and get Strawberry/Kiwi.. i regret that decision of mine. Tyler chose the right, Peach ring from now on people! I then needed some toothpaste.. there fore we went to Walmart & got some good ol' Colgate :) minty fresh! Then Tyler needed some stickers.. he likes them. We went to Staples & had to deal with a dumbtarded guy there. It was grrrrreat. Like Frosted Flakes, ya know? Go Tony! My favorite part of the day? Hearing Tyler mimic a bird/goose and jamming out to " I THROW MY HANDS UP IN THE AIR SOMETIMES.. SAYING AAAAAYYYOOOOHH BABY LETS GO" :) 

Here are some pictures from today... (Courtney Kearns, I'm putting more pictures! Be proud dear)

(Tyler, being very excited about the ducks!)

( I tried for a good while to get the duck to eat the bread out of my hand.. fail.)

( The point when the birds stopped eating our bread.. idiots)

( Yours truly)

(Where we sat & just threw the bread.. notice the whole slices in the back)

( Theeee End :] )

Thursday, August 19, 2010


        At this very moment I am listening to Circle of Life from the Broadway musical, The Lion King.. as if you didn't know! My dear friend, Tyler, and his family went and saw this musical in Utah last weekend. So every time I'm in his car we listen to songs from it. I'm definitely not complaining... if anything, he's got me slightly obsessed with it, and I haven't even seen it. We listened to one song from it where Simba "realizes love" as Tyler said, and I fell in love... with the man who plays Simba. Talk about an amazing voice, boy howdy! It truly amazes me how talented some people are, as this song was playing I was thinking about the people singing, and how beautiful they sounded, the people playing all of the instruments, the person who composed the music to create such imagery in your head when you haven't even seen the production, and as Tyler was explaining what was happening on stage I was in awe. I will see this musical, sooner than later & I have to go with someone who will appreciate it haha! 

So at work, we have a lot of different "codes" for specific situations. The most common one is, Code Adam, this is when a child has gone missing inside the store. The parent will come to one of us and say they can't find their child, we then have them describe what the child is wearing, their age, hair color, and the color of their shoes. Very important stuff. Then we get on the intercom and say "attention associates we have a Code Adam ( then describe the child) If you are not helping a customer at this time, you stop what you're doing and start looking for the kid. Well, on Sunday... I think it was, I can't remember. A lady comes to me ( I hate having to call the code adam) and she is telling me she cant find her little girl, I have to calm her down enough to have her describe the girl to me. I then announce it. Everyone starts looking for her. 
What had happened was that the older brother was watching her at the treehouse thing in the mall and left her there to come ask his mom something, who was shopping inside the store. The little girl wandered off.... in the wrong direction. So all of us are looking for her along with the mall security. 10 minutes pass and i start freaking out, i get stressed out easiliy with this stuff. 15 minutes... 20 minutes... 25 minutes... ( I heard somewhere that when you don't find a child after 20 minutes, more than likely they've been taken) I start freaking out. I cannot focus. 30 minutes pass and she's still no where to be found, by this time they've call the real policeman in, and they're all in our store. It was really scary. 40 minutes... still no girl. 45 minutes... I didn't really know what to think. Finally 50 minutes and I see the original mall cop that came in at the beginning and he says she's been found! Guess where... the lingerie department in Sears, sleeping!! It was a relief to say the least. It was really really scary. I can't imagine what that family must have been going through. But she was found :) All goooood!

I started reading The Hunger Games... Oh my goodness, talk about crazy! but so good! I'm so glad I finally decided to start reading them! I just bought the 2nd one and I plan to read a chapter or two after publishing this post. I'm going to finish the 2nd one before the 3rd one comes out, I have to. Seeing that I finished the first one in one day, I don't see it being a problem, these books just suck you right into it. Not literally of course. 

Well kids, sorry this is boring & has no pictures. I'm feeling slightly lazy this evening :) Deal with it. 
Love you all!!

Peace & Blessings 

Saturday, August 14, 2010

An exhausting two days. :P

& here we go!
        Yesterday, My day began with work at 10:00am... but here's the frustrating part. I was scheduled to work from 6-10pm yesterday.. but i had plans to go to the Playmill! The girl I was supposed to switch never told our manager great, and neither did I. So i called first thing Friday morning to see if i could get ahold of the girl to switch with me before 10.. that didn't happen. I was stressing already! It was too early for these kinds of shenanigans to be going on in my life.

So I told my manager i was going to come in and see if this girl wanted to switch with me anyways, even though she was already there!! haha Thankfully she did! I was soo happy! :) So i worked from 10-6. Then Joy, Lora & there quite hilarious friends...who are married with kids might I add, picked me up from work and we were on our way to West Yellowstone! It was a very long ride, with no music. I tried singing my own.. like i always do. I chose a song from Nacho libre.. that got shot down real quickly. But we finally got there and it was raining quite a bit, so i was holding up my pants ( i was still in my dressy work clothes, i felt out of place haha) but i always have to hold my pants up because I'm so short they get wet... and my hair was cute and curly... standing in the rain for 20 minutes ruins that , just a PS. So i had a fro and the bottoms of my pants were wet, it was fantastic!
Every time I've ever gone to the Playmill, I always tell them it's my birthday, you usually get a kiss on the cheek from a cute guy :) I rrrrrreally wanted my good friend Christian to come sing to me, I worked with him in Island park a few years ago, such a great guy! But he is the lead in The Foreigner which was the show we were seeing, so he didn't make it out until after they started. But I got a sweet guy named.. Dan Radford haha. One of my brother's friend. He's a real treat! But the show was HILARIOUS!!!! oh my goodness, if you get a chance you have to go see this one! So fabulous! I haven't laughed that hard in a very long time.
                                                    [Courtney & Christian (aka) BFF's]

            After the show, we stopped a very classy gas station to gas up and get something to eat on the way home. I grabbed, my best friend, Diet Dr. Pepper :) and some chips. Great meal right? After waiting for Joy for... what seemed like 30 minutes, we were back on our way to Idaho Falls.
So i thought I'd be able to sleep a little on the way home because i knew i had to get up early the next morning.. that didn't happen. I slept.. maybe a minute haha. Lora got really hyper which didn't help my situation, she makes me hyper! and I'm pretty sure we annoyed Joy. OH well :) We made it back around 1:45-ish. and Joy took me to my car which was at the mall, remember? Yeah.. so don't ever leave your car at the mall past midnight, you get a parking violation "overnight parking" Thankfully it was just a warning... but i do it again, I'll have to pay for it. Freakin mall cop, go eat a pixie stick.

            So i tried ripping the little piece of paper off of my driver side window, and it left crap on my window, i was so happy at 2am. It was great. So i got home, got in my PJ's and got in bed, set my alarm for 5am.. oh did i mention i had to be to work at 6:45am? Yeah... Doorbusters at JcPenney! open at 7am.. it was fun? Not. at. all.
So I slept through my alarm! NO lie... i woke up at 6:22. I hopped out of bed, put some work clothes on, brushed my teeth, pulled my hair up,  grabbed a granola bar and out the door. I clocked in at 6:44 :) I'm good!        
I was originally supposed to work from 6:45-4:00pm.. sucky right? Well, my manager loves me and i played the pitty card and she let me go home at 2:30 :) once again.. I'm good! i came home and was asleep by 3:30.. and slept until, 7:30. yeah. It was real nice. I'm really exhausted. But the whole thing was quite the Experience. The playmill was great, and it was fabulous being able to see Christian, it's been far too long.
Have a good night loves.

Peace & Blessings

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Forgiveness & Stuck-Up-Ness :]

                Today I realized 2 very different things. First off, Some people are just too cranky and stuck up. I don't quite understand it. I've been trying really hard to not get mad over little things. It's going quite well. If we would all stop sweating the small things, I think there would be a lot LESS stress in our lives.

         But tonight at work, I had to go take some advil because I could feel my headache coming on. So i told my co-worker i'd be back in 2 minutes. She said, ok good... because I want to go take a break, (when you only work a 4 hour shift, you get no break & when it's past 8:00pm no one gets a break) I told her this... she said, "Well... I don't care, I need a diet coke." I said, we'll see. I really was going to let her go, because it wasn't that big of a deal to me. But when i got out of the back room my manger asked me for some help. Then after that i started straightening the clothes for closing, I had completely forgot about my co-worker. So when i go back up to the Quad (where the registers are) she's ringing up a customer and turns me and says, thanks for coming back so i could go get a diet coke!! Brat!!.... not a laugh, a chuckle, a wink... nothing. I apologized to her and continued on telling her that i had forgot but i got cut off by her again as she said, whatever brat!... 

This made me feel HORRIBLE!!  I couldn't believe she got so upset with me over something so little. I just walked away & talked to Jake, my other co-worker. 
Her blowing up on me like that made me realize again why i'm trying to work on not getting upset quickly and over small things.

Now this leads to my  next thing I learned about... Forgiveness. I was really mad at this chica for being so mean to me. But then I stopped and thought, you know... maybe she really needed that diet coke.. haha as silly as that sounds. But there was no point in me being upset with her when obviously she was having a rough night. I think we all need to learn forgiveness and be better at it. I know we all can hold grudges for a VERY long time... I see no point. I love having friends, not enemies or even acquaintances. Yes, there are those people who just aren't meant to be in your life. But no reason to not forgive them. 
Well that's my 2 cents for the night. Work was long today but I'm lucky i have a job.. actually, 2 jobs :) They hired me at The Learning Center!! :) yayayayaya!!!

Peace & Blessings 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

From cranky to amazing in a matter of seconds :]

Today started off, yucky. I had to get up at 7am! ok ok.. I know that's not THAT early.. but for someone who hasnt had to get up earlier than 8:30am in a very long time.. 7am is really early. But I had my interview at The Learning Center today and it went soooo well! I met with the main hiring girl and I think she liked me! I also met with this other lady who is in charge of the people who will actually go to the elementary schools to work with the kids, i think that's what im going to do :) she said she'll call me tomorrow & gave the orientation schedule for the next week.. so i'm hoping that's a good thing!! I left there feeling FANTASTIC!!
      Then i stopped at the gas station to get some gum, Orbit sweet mint :), I always go to the one that's closest to my house.. so some of the workers are beginning to recognize me haha, there's this one guy who ALWAYS hits on me and such. He's a real treat... not! So i go in there today and he says to me, "you look nice where are you going?" I said, "oh.. i just got back from a job interview" his response... "oh... i thought you already had a job..." my first thought was... hmm i don't remember EVER telling him I was working somewhere... CREEEEPYYY!!!! Needless to say, I'll be going to another gas station from now on :) Suckkas!
       Work today was very very busy, because it's back-to-school time and some school's start on Monday! Crazy! So it was very chaotic in the JcPenney today. I was getting really frustrated because a lot of different things were going wrong, customers were cranky and flat out rude today.. it was insane. So I left to go clean out a fitting room, i enjoy this.. gets me a away for a quick minute :) So as im cleaning up a huge mess some people left, this cute little family walks in and asks for a room,the mom goes in and leaves her 3 little children and older disabled son out in the room with me.
SIDE NOTE: The church says lots of things about disabled children and why they have those problems and it's amazing to me. Just sayin.. :) haha
       The disabled boy taps me on the shoulder and says, "Hi i'm Joseph, whats your name?" now, it was a little hard to understand what he was saying because he couldn't really talk like the rest of us.. so i listened hard and was  able to fit pieces together. I answered, "Hi i'm Courtney! Nice to meet you" I shook his hand. He then began to ask me " Is this your work?" I explained to him what it was I was doing and why. Then he said, "Does Heavenly Father help you with your work Courtney?" I about died there.. something hit me! I almost started crying, it was insane. I told him "yes, Heavenly Father helps me with everything I do!" His response, "Me too! He helps me with everything.... do you read the Book of Mormon?" I told him that i do read it, every day. He then explained to me that the Book of Mormon is his favorite book!
I then heard over the intercom that they needed my help at the front so i had to leave my conversation with Joseph. As I walked away I just started crying, that conversation made me so incredibly happy and boosted my spirits tremendously! I can't really explain it in words, but wow. I have been so happy ever since that time with that boy. Truly amazing.

That's all for tonight my friends. Overall, today was so so good. I'm grateful for the things, and people i have in my life and people that I meet everyday. Everyday brings new experiences that we need to explore and accept. The learning Center will be calling tomorrow :) eeek! im so stoked!
I love you all, seriously.

Peace & Blessings

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Excitement & Hope!

         I'm suuuuper excited right now :] I applied at The Learning Center like, 6 months ago, no joke. And they never called me back because they weren't hiring or they didnt want me.. something. But!!! they called me the other day for an interview and i'm so stoked! I've been wanting to work there for quite sometime. Karly, Cass, Julie and my new friend Nathan all work there & I love hearing their stories, I think it would be a very challenging job, but so rewarding at the end of the day.. i hope :)
      I've been obsessed with the song Teenage Dream by Katy Perry.. don't know why. It makes me feel young, and I think some of us just need to remember how young we really area... 19,20, and 21 is not old at all! Everyone is getting married! Part of me thinks.. dang, i'm going to be an old hag who never got married, and another part of me is like.. i have no idea what i want to do, when it comes to school and such. But then I remember, I'm 19! Why am I stressing over this? Seriously. No more worries for this girl :)

    So, sad story. I made this grrreat friend at work, Jake! He's such a sweetheart, and I was thinking.. yes! I finally have a legitimate friend here at work.. then he tells me, yeah im' moving to Pennsylvania for work :/ lllame! He's so great though! We're basically becoming BFF'S. Be jealous :)

    I think that's about it for tonight. No clever pictures or anything, just my thoughts. Enjoy :)
ps. wish me luck with the interview tomorrow! eeekkk! :)

Peace & Blessings

Monday, August 9, 2010

Guitar playing, bunnies, Funfetti cookies and Kellan!

First off, I realized i'm not very good at the whole clever title stuff. Oh well :]

So about a month ago, I decided I wanted to learn how to play the guitar. It's going alright, I just kinda still suck :] I memorized the "sweet sixteen" chords and i'm getting better at switching between each chord.. but strumming will be the death of me.
I thought " you know, i've done choir my whole life, i should be good at figuring out rhythms and such.. yeah, not so much. I feel like and idiot sometimes, Parker's been trying to help me and It's coming along slowly.. very slowly. haha! I posted one video on my facebook of me playing, i wont post another for quite some time..  so no worries friends :]

Last summer & this last christmas break my friends and I always made Funfetti cookies and stayed up until the wee hours of the morning playing What-If. We decided to make some last night to take to a friend of ours, but something was missing... or should I say someone. Mr. Jake Stewart, our dear friend, is all the way in DC... (by the way, did I mention that me and Joy are flying to DC in November to stay with him for a week?!!? so stoked!) But jake wasnt there to be dirty or make uncomfortable comments or the occasional What-If questions that he asks. We decided to send him a picture to show him that we love him. Therefore... that is why this picture is slightly blurry. enjoy.

Now, if anyone is like me, they know it's a little creepy when you come home at 1:00am and you're alone and such. I hate having to walk from my car to my house by myself. I'm a baby. but one day, i was like... courtney just pretend like you're not alone! and as i turn the corner and pull up by my house, there is a little bunny sitting on my front lawn! He was there to make sure i got to my door safely, i  know it :) He is there every night when I come home, whether it be midnight, eleven or two in the morning. I also found out he greets my step mom in the morning! But yesterday when I got home from work at 7:00pm, there he was again! just eating out weeds in the front lawn. He was so adorable!

(here he is!)

One more thing, KELLAN IS HOME! I went to his homecoming yesterday and it was sooo good to finally see him.. it's been a while.. like 2 years. :) He looks so good!

         (Bracken, Myself, Kellan, Hayley & Joy!)
We realized how short we all really are when standing next to him! Haha! But It's going to be fun to hangout with him and be crazy! 
That is all for now! Love you all :]
Am I getting better at this blogging thing? Hope you're proud karly!

Peace & Blessings

Court :]
ps. I have an interview at the Learning Center on Wednesday! I'm stoked!! woooot!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Then I said, 'Woah! The Gas just changed right in front of my eyes!!'


I seriously love my friends sooo much! I can't even explain it in this one post. That's how amazing they really are. Really.

So first off, Eddy & I went and saw both Hairspray and Peter Pan at ISU and it was AMAZING! So so great! The cast was amazing and gah.. just so good! I smile when I think about it!
The night we went and saw Peter Pan was so fun! We decided to meet at Chili's at 5:00 because we wanted to make sure we had enough time to get to Pocatello! But then Eddy decided to pick me up, but his brother wrecked his car earlier that story made short, Eddy came and got me around 5:15 in the manliest car i've ever seen him drive... a blug bug :] So cute. haha I loved riding in it! We got to Chili's and Eddy ordered an appetizer and we took two bites of that.. then 'someone' that i knew showed up and sat by me and basically said to Eddy, "hey you don't mind if i have sex with your date, right?" bahaha well.. at least that's what Eddy is convinced he said!
So basically, we didn't have time to eat ANY of our meals because we had to get to Pocatello which is an hour away, so we got boxes and hipped and skipped out of there! We had a great drive, singing loudly to songs on the radio and talking about Justin Bieber.. oh and we saw a bad wreck :( sad day.
We got there and our seats were so secluded from everyone else, but it made it so much better because we.... well you know.. what two people would do in a dark corner.... :) make our own jokes and laugh really really loudly :) After the show we visited with Eddy's friend that played one Twin in the show and i met Smee.... oh Smee... I love him so much! I want to marry him... as he was walking away i said i love you so much and he said he loved me too :) It's going to happen I tell ya! Then we left and had to find a place to eat our cold but delicious Chili's food! We sat in front of the Old Theater in Pocatello at a cute little bench outside and ate together. We're precious.

So last night was Epic... maybe one of my favorite nights of summer so far :) Cassandra, Julie and my new friend Nathan came and got me and we were going to go swimming in Rexburg with Miss Karly but then by the time we got gas and all that good stuff, it was like 10:00 pm. So we decided No.
But we still really wanted to go swimming! So i suggested Gem Lake and off we were! Mean while me and Cassandra took great pictures like this one >>>> We got there and Me and Cass had to change into our swimsuits.. but no where to change so we just jumped behind the car and stripped. Like good girls! Oh and the sprinklers were going... so cold! haha So we made our journey down to the cute little docks and stood there like chickens because we knew it was going to be COLD! ( let me remind you, there are no lights there and we were completely alone... slightly creepy) Cass was the first to jump in, she's a trooper. I love her so much! Then i jumped in screaming at the top of my lungs! It was so cold! Then after a lot of convincing, Nathan got in!! Yay!! Julie didn't :( But it was so much fun! Then we jumped in together while holding hands.. how cute :) It was so cold, I think i got slightly sick from it. But it was worth it!

Finally, tonight was amazing yet simple. I worked until 10:00 then met up with Hayley and Joy, whom i absolutely adore. We are able to sit outside of SubZero for 2 hours and talk about nothing really... well, ok, we talk about alot of amazing topics :) But these girls are truly amazing and i look up to them so much! I wish i would've snapped a picture but I didnt.. shoot. But tomorrow we are all going to our great friend Kellan's homecoming!! It will be pretty great, i'll post about it BECAUSE.. i'm getting progressively better at this whole BLOGGING thing :) Adios mi amigos!

Peace & Blessing.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Big Thank You :]

I just have to say, first off.. It's 1:43 in the a.m. and cute lil' Elise helped me figure out my blog :] and helped me make it cuuuuute! woot :] thanks Elise! I felt soo retarded haha but i love you lots! and get some sleep honey and I will see you soon.. hopefully :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Catch up time? I think yes.

Well, to say that I haven't blogged in a while would be an UNDERSTATEMENT. To be honest I didn't think this whole blogging thing was that cool... until everyone started doing it and then i felt left out. Anyways! let's do a quick catch up. I finished my first year of college at BYU-I and loved it. But.. I'm transferring.. say whaa? Yes, transferring to good ol' ISU. Hopefully it's the right thing to do... who knows. I'm currently living at home at my papa's house and its.. well.. grand? ha! Well... that was a fun ketchup!
I've started working at good ol' JcPenney in the mall! It's actually a pretty great job, I get good hours & good pay & i've also met some pretty nice people.. ;)
Well... no pictures for this blog.. I still dont' remember how i did that on my last one... KARLY BENNION help? :)
I think that's enough for this one. Adios mi amigos.

Peace & Blessings