Thursday, August 19, 2010


        At this very moment I am listening to Circle of Life from the Broadway musical, The Lion King.. as if you didn't know! My dear friend, Tyler, and his family went and saw this musical in Utah last weekend. So every time I'm in his car we listen to songs from it. I'm definitely not complaining... if anything, he's got me slightly obsessed with it, and I haven't even seen it. We listened to one song from it where Simba "realizes love" as Tyler said, and I fell in love... with the man who plays Simba. Talk about an amazing voice, boy howdy! It truly amazes me how talented some people are, as this song was playing I was thinking about the people singing, and how beautiful they sounded, the people playing all of the instruments, the person who composed the music to create such imagery in your head when you haven't even seen the production, and as Tyler was explaining what was happening on stage I was in awe. I will see this musical, sooner than later & I have to go with someone who will appreciate it haha! 

So at work, we have a lot of different "codes" for specific situations. The most common one is, Code Adam, this is when a child has gone missing inside the store. The parent will come to one of us and say they can't find their child, we then have them describe what the child is wearing, their age, hair color, and the color of their shoes. Very important stuff. Then we get on the intercom and say "attention associates we have a Code Adam ( then describe the child) If you are not helping a customer at this time, you stop what you're doing and start looking for the kid. Well, on Sunday... I think it was, I can't remember. A lady comes to me ( I hate having to call the code adam) and she is telling me she cant find her little girl, I have to calm her down enough to have her describe the girl to me. I then announce it. Everyone starts looking for her. 
What had happened was that the older brother was watching her at the treehouse thing in the mall and left her there to come ask his mom something, who was shopping inside the store. The little girl wandered off.... in the wrong direction. So all of us are looking for her along with the mall security. 10 minutes pass and i start freaking out, i get stressed out easiliy with this stuff. 15 minutes... 20 minutes... 25 minutes... ( I heard somewhere that when you don't find a child after 20 minutes, more than likely they've been taken) I start freaking out. I cannot focus. 30 minutes pass and she's still no where to be found, by this time they've call the real policeman in, and they're all in our store. It was really scary. 40 minutes... still no girl. 45 minutes... I didn't really know what to think. Finally 50 minutes and I see the original mall cop that came in at the beginning and he says she's been found! Guess where... the lingerie department in Sears, sleeping!! It was a relief to say the least. It was really really scary. I can't imagine what that family must have been going through. But she was found :) All goooood!

I started reading The Hunger Games... Oh my goodness, talk about crazy! but so good! I'm so glad I finally decided to start reading them! I just bought the 2nd one and I plan to read a chapter or two after publishing this post. I'm going to finish the 2nd one before the 3rd one comes out, I have to. Seeing that I finished the first one in one day, I don't see it being a problem, these books just suck you right into it. Not literally of course. 

Well kids, sorry this is boring & has no pictures. I'm feeling slightly lazy this evening :) Deal with it. 
Love you all!!

Peace & Blessings 

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