Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Throw My Hands Up In the Air Sometimes... :]

         I've been dying to go to feed the ducks all summer & get a snocone.. pathetic? It's part of summer :) I finally got to, and with my good friend Dr. Carlisle. We went & fed the ducks this afternoon. We went to get day old bread from... I don't know the name of it, but they gave us 6 loaves of bread for one dollar! I love that kind of deal. So we made our way to the river, which by the way, is still so amazingly gorgeous to me. That view of the temple. Love it! ANYWAYS, it started off great! We had a few ducks around us and some geese... but they either got really full or (i believe) they are high maintenance... they don't like day old bread, or wheat bread. I now hate those few specific birds that were there today. 
       We then started snacking on the bread, taking pictures and throwing all of the bread onto the walkway and into the birdless water. After decided we couldnt get rid of the two loaves he had left, we threw them away and headed to get snocones! The first time we went we got peach ring... amazing, i decided to branch out a little and get Strawberry/Kiwi.. i regret that decision of mine. Tyler chose the right, Peach ring from now on people! I then needed some toothpaste.. there fore we went to Walmart & got some good ol' Colgate :) minty fresh! Then Tyler needed some stickers.. he likes them. We went to Staples & had to deal with a dumbtarded guy there. It was grrrrreat. Like Frosted Flakes, ya know? Go Tony! My favorite part of the day? Hearing Tyler mimic a bird/goose and jamming out to " I THROW MY HANDS UP IN THE AIR SOMETIMES.. SAYING AAAAAYYYOOOOHH BABY LETS GO" :) 

Here are some pictures from today... (Courtney Kearns, I'm putting more pictures! Be proud dear)

(Tyler, being very excited about the ducks!)

( I tried for a good while to get the duck to eat the bread out of my hand.. fail.)

( The point when the birds stopped eating our bread.. idiots)

( Yours truly)

(Where we sat & just threw the bread.. notice the whole slices in the back)

( Theeee End :] )

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