Sunday, August 8, 2010

Then I said, 'Woah! The Gas just changed right in front of my eyes!!'


I seriously love my friends sooo much! I can't even explain it in this one post. That's how amazing they really are. Really.

So first off, Eddy & I went and saw both Hairspray and Peter Pan at ISU and it was AMAZING! So so great! The cast was amazing and gah.. just so good! I smile when I think about it!
The night we went and saw Peter Pan was so fun! We decided to meet at Chili's at 5:00 because we wanted to make sure we had enough time to get to Pocatello! But then Eddy decided to pick me up, but his brother wrecked his car earlier that story made short, Eddy came and got me around 5:15 in the manliest car i've ever seen him drive... a blug bug :] So cute. haha I loved riding in it! We got to Chili's and Eddy ordered an appetizer and we took two bites of that.. then 'someone' that i knew showed up and sat by me and basically said to Eddy, "hey you don't mind if i have sex with your date, right?" bahaha well.. at least that's what Eddy is convinced he said!
So basically, we didn't have time to eat ANY of our meals because we had to get to Pocatello which is an hour away, so we got boxes and hipped and skipped out of there! We had a great drive, singing loudly to songs on the radio and talking about Justin Bieber.. oh and we saw a bad wreck :( sad day.
We got there and our seats were so secluded from everyone else, but it made it so much better because we.... well you know.. what two people would do in a dark corner.... :) make our own jokes and laugh really really loudly :) After the show we visited with Eddy's friend that played one Twin in the show and i met Smee.... oh Smee... I love him so much! I want to marry him... as he was walking away i said i love you so much and he said he loved me too :) It's going to happen I tell ya! Then we left and had to find a place to eat our cold but delicious Chili's food! We sat in front of the Old Theater in Pocatello at a cute little bench outside and ate together. We're precious.

So last night was Epic... maybe one of my favorite nights of summer so far :) Cassandra, Julie and my new friend Nathan came and got me and we were going to go swimming in Rexburg with Miss Karly but then by the time we got gas and all that good stuff, it was like 10:00 pm. So we decided No.
But we still really wanted to go swimming! So i suggested Gem Lake and off we were! Mean while me and Cassandra took great pictures like this one >>>> We got there and Me and Cass had to change into our swimsuits.. but no where to change so we just jumped behind the car and stripped. Like good girls! Oh and the sprinklers were going... so cold! haha So we made our journey down to the cute little docks and stood there like chickens because we knew it was going to be COLD! ( let me remind you, there are no lights there and we were completely alone... slightly creepy) Cass was the first to jump in, she's a trooper. I love her so much! Then i jumped in screaming at the top of my lungs! It was so cold! Then after a lot of convincing, Nathan got in!! Yay!! Julie didn't :( But it was so much fun! Then we jumped in together while holding hands.. how cute :) It was so cold, I think i got slightly sick from it. But it was worth it!

Finally, tonight was amazing yet simple. I worked until 10:00 then met up with Hayley and Joy, whom i absolutely adore. We are able to sit outside of SubZero for 2 hours and talk about nothing really... well, ok, we talk about alot of amazing topics :) But these girls are truly amazing and i look up to them so much! I wish i would've snapped a picture but I didnt.. shoot. But tomorrow we are all going to our great friend Kellan's homecoming!! It will be pretty great, i'll post about it BECAUSE.. i'm getting progressively better at this whole BLOGGING thing :) Adios mi amigos!

Peace & Blessing.

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