Saturday, August 14, 2010

An exhausting two days. :P

& here we go!
        Yesterday, My day began with work at 10:00am... but here's the frustrating part. I was scheduled to work from 6-10pm yesterday.. but i had plans to go to the Playmill! The girl I was supposed to switch never told our manager great, and neither did I. So i called first thing Friday morning to see if i could get ahold of the girl to switch with me before 10.. that didn't happen. I was stressing already! It was too early for these kinds of shenanigans to be going on in my life.

So I told my manager i was going to come in and see if this girl wanted to switch with me anyways, even though she was already there!! haha Thankfully she did! I was soo happy! :) So i worked from 10-6. Then Joy, Lora & there quite hilarious friends...who are married with kids might I add, picked me up from work and we were on our way to West Yellowstone! It was a very long ride, with no music. I tried singing my own.. like i always do. I chose a song from Nacho libre.. that got shot down real quickly. But we finally got there and it was raining quite a bit, so i was holding up my pants ( i was still in my dressy work clothes, i felt out of place haha) but i always have to hold my pants up because I'm so short they get wet... and my hair was cute and curly... standing in the rain for 20 minutes ruins that , just a PS. So i had a fro and the bottoms of my pants were wet, it was fantastic!
Every time I've ever gone to the Playmill, I always tell them it's my birthday, you usually get a kiss on the cheek from a cute guy :) I rrrrrreally wanted my good friend Christian to come sing to me, I worked with him in Island park a few years ago, such a great guy! But he is the lead in The Foreigner which was the show we were seeing, so he didn't make it out until after they started. But I got a sweet guy named.. Dan Radford haha. One of my brother's friend. He's a real treat! But the show was HILARIOUS!!!! oh my goodness, if you get a chance you have to go see this one! So fabulous! I haven't laughed that hard in a very long time.
                                                    [Courtney & Christian (aka) BFF's]

            After the show, we stopped a very classy gas station to gas up and get something to eat on the way home. I grabbed, my best friend, Diet Dr. Pepper :) and some chips. Great meal right? After waiting for Joy for... what seemed like 30 minutes, we were back on our way to Idaho Falls.
So i thought I'd be able to sleep a little on the way home because i knew i had to get up early the next morning.. that didn't happen. I slept.. maybe a minute haha. Lora got really hyper which didn't help my situation, she makes me hyper! and I'm pretty sure we annoyed Joy. OH well :) We made it back around 1:45-ish. and Joy took me to my car which was at the mall, remember? Yeah.. so don't ever leave your car at the mall past midnight, you get a parking violation "overnight parking" Thankfully it was just a warning... but i do it again, I'll have to pay for it. Freakin mall cop, go eat a pixie stick.

            So i tried ripping the little piece of paper off of my driver side window, and it left crap on my window, i was so happy at 2am. It was great. So i got home, got in my PJ's and got in bed, set my alarm for 5am.. oh did i mention i had to be to work at 6:45am? Yeah... Doorbusters at JcPenney! open at 7am.. it was fun? Not. at. all.
So I slept through my alarm! NO lie... i woke up at 6:22. I hopped out of bed, put some work clothes on, brushed my teeth, pulled my hair up,  grabbed a granola bar and out the door. I clocked in at 6:44 :) I'm good!        
I was originally supposed to work from 6:45-4:00pm.. sucky right? Well, my manager loves me and i played the pitty card and she let me go home at 2:30 :) once again.. I'm good! i came home and was asleep by 3:30.. and slept until, 7:30. yeah. It was real nice. I'm really exhausted. But the whole thing was quite the Experience. The playmill was great, and it was fabulous being able to see Christian, it's been far too long.
Have a good night loves.

Peace & Blessings

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