Monday, August 9, 2010

Guitar playing, bunnies, Funfetti cookies and Kellan!

First off, I realized i'm not very good at the whole clever title stuff. Oh well :]

So about a month ago, I decided I wanted to learn how to play the guitar. It's going alright, I just kinda still suck :] I memorized the "sweet sixteen" chords and i'm getting better at switching between each chord.. but strumming will be the death of me.
I thought " you know, i've done choir my whole life, i should be good at figuring out rhythms and such.. yeah, not so much. I feel like and idiot sometimes, Parker's been trying to help me and It's coming along slowly.. very slowly. haha! I posted one video on my facebook of me playing, i wont post another for quite some time..  so no worries friends :]

Last summer & this last christmas break my friends and I always made Funfetti cookies and stayed up until the wee hours of the morning playing What-If. We decided to make some last night to take to a friend of ours, but something was missing... or should I say someone. Mr. Jake Stewart, our dear friend, is all the way in DC... (by the way, did I mention that me and Joy are flying to DC in November to stay with him for a week?!!? so stoked!) But jake wasnt there to be dirty or make uncomfortable comments or the occasional What-If questions that he asks. We decided to send him a picture to show him that we love him. Therefore... that is why this picture is slightly blurry. enjoy.

Now, if anyone is like me, they know it's a little creepy when you come home at 1:00am and you're alone and such. I hate having to walk from my car to my house by myself. I'm a baby. but one day, i was like... courtney just pretend like you're not alone! and as i turn the corner and pull up by my house, there is a little bunny sitting on my front lawn! He was there to make sure i got to my door safely, i  know it :) He is there every night when I come home, whether it be midnight, eleven or two in the morning. I also found out he greets my step mom in the morning! But yesterday when I got home from work at 7:00pm, there he was again! just eating out weeds in the front lawn. He was so adorable!

(here he is!)

One more thing, KELLAN IS HOME! I went to his homecoming yesterday and it was sooo good to finally see him.. it's been a while.. like 2 years. :) He looks so good!

         (Bracken, Myself, Kellan, Hayley & Joy!)
We realized how short we all really are when standing next to him! Haha! But It's going to be fun to hangout with him and be crazy! 
That is all for now! Love you all :]
Am I getting better at this blogging thing? Hope you're proud karly!

Peace & Blessings

Court :]
ps. I have an interview at the Learning Center on Wednesday! I'm stoked!! woooot!

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