Wednesday, August 11, 2010

From cranky to amazing in a matter of seconds :]

Today started off, yucky. I had to get up at 7am! ok ok.. I know that's not THAT early.. but for someone who hasnt had to get up earlier than 8:30am in a very long time.. 7am is really early. But I had my interview at The Learning Center today and it went soooo well! I met with the main hiring girl and I think she liked me! I also met with this other lady who is in charge of the people who will actually go to the elementary schools to work with the kids, i think that's what im going to do :) she said she'll call me tomorrow & gave the orientation schedule for the next week.. so i'm hoping that's a good thing!! I left there feeling FANTASTIC!!
      Then i stopped at the gas station to get some gum, Orbit sweet mint :), I always go to the one that's closest to my house.. so some of the workers are beginning to recognize me haha, there's this one guy who ALWAYS hits on me and such. He's a real treat... not! So i go in there today and he says to me, "you look nice where are you going?" I said, "oh.. i just got back from a job interview" his response... "oh... i thought you already had a job..." my first thought was... hmm i don't remember EVER telling him I was working somewhere... CREEEEPYYY!!!! Needless to say, I'll be going to another gas station from now on :) Suckkas!
       Work today was very very busy, because it's back-to-school time and some school's start on Monday! Crazy! So it was very chaotic in the JcPenney today. I was getting really frustrated because a lot of different things were going wrong, customers were cranky and flat out rude today.. it was insane. So I left to go clean out a fitting room, i enjoy this.. gets me a away for a quick minute :) So as im cleaning up a huge mess some people left, this cute little family walks in and asks for a room,the mom goes in and leaves her 3 little children and older disabled son out in the room with me.
SIDE NOTE: The church says lots of things about disabled children and why they have those problems and it's amazing to me. Just sayin.. :) haha
       The disabled boy taps me on the shoulder and says, "Hi i'm Joseph, whats your name?" now, it was a little hard to understand what he was saying because he couldn't really talk like the rest of us.. so i listened hard and was  able to fit pieces together. I answered, "Hi i'm Courtney! Nice to meet you" I shook his hand. He then began to ask me " Is this your work?" I explained to him what it was I was doing and why. Then he said, "Does Heavenly Father help you with your work Courtney?" I about died there.. something hit me! I almost started crying, it was insane. I told him "yes, Heavenly Father helps me with everything I do!" His response, "Me too! He helps me with everything.... do you read the Book of Mormon?" I told him that i do read it, every day. He then explained to me that the Book of Mormon is his favorite book!
I then heard over the intercom that they needed my help at the front so i had to leave my conversation with Joseph. As I walked away I just started crying, that conversation made me so incredibly happy and boosted my spirits tremendously! I can't really explain it in words, but wow. I have been so happy ever since that time with that boy. Truly amazing.

That's all for tonight my friends. Overall, today was so so good. I'm grateful for the things, and people i have in my life and people that I meet everyday. Everyday brings new experiences that we need to explore and accept. The learning Center will be calling tomorrow :) eeek! im so stoked!
I love you all, seriously.

Peace & Blessings

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