Sunday, November 28, 2010


Alright, now let's finish :)
Saturday I watched Emilee again. We went to the mall again, got me some  new pants and her a stuffed animal. We then got some lunch together, I can't get enough of this little girl. She has my heart. And say some of the funniest things.. like on Friday. Her and I went and listened to Tyler play the piano for a few minutes and she says: "Courtney.. can i ask you a secret?"
So I lean down to listen and she says: "Is Tyler married?"
I respond, "NO.. why?"
Her next question was: "What the craps that ring for?!"
She was referring to his CTR ring.. Oh how I love her and her sayings.. and her dance moves. Yes.. she did start shaking her butt while Tyler played a classical piece. So great.

After her mom picked her up I got ready and headed to Tyler's to hangout for a while. When I got there they asked me if I would sing with 4 other girls for a musical number in their ward. Of course I said yes. We practiced for a while and oh my goodness it was beautiful. The girls have beautiful voices and Tyler is just great at making up parts and playing.. it was great! We then played Just Dance.. on the wii. I am obsessed with this game now! It's hilarious, enjoyable and a good work out ;) haha We played that for a while then I made my way home before leaving AGAIN!
Saylee & Tyler: It's raining men :)

Wake me Up before you Go Go :)

It was seriously soooo much fun!! and sweaty! 
Today is Sunday and us girls performed in church this morning and it went so well! I loved it :) Tyler asked me to be his TA in the class he teaches.. I really just sit there and laugh & roll my eyes. It's what im good at :) Then I came home and slept :)
Such a good day. 

Love you all. 
Sorry this was a messy post..

Peace & Blessings

Shall We?

I decided to title this something random.. I didn't want to put "Thanksgiving" like everyone else :) haha ANYWAYS!!

Thanksgiving was a success this year! Parker, Preston, and I first went to our mama's house for a thanksgiving lunch. She won a 23lb turkey.. we maybe ate half of a breast. It was so BIG! But so delicious! We then ate pie and played Disney Scene It 2. Parker won both games.. he cheated, im sure of it. And he ate my pie :( We then went to Dad's house and ate.. again! Blah! I was so full. But it was so gooooood! We napped again and then I went and hung out at Jake's house! Oh, how i've missed him :)
23lbs of delicious-ness :)
I kind of love these 2 :)
Texas Road House Rolls anyone?
You eat my pie AND put some on my cheek..? I put it on your face.

BLACK FRIDAY! I usually refuse to go out on this day.. but i had the little 5 year old sister for the majority of the day.. I couldn't keep her cooped up all day. So we ventured out for a while. We did alright! haha She got really tired and so did I ( ps. im having  a hard time keeping my eyes open right now.. ) Emilee and I went shopping with Hayley and Joy and it was great fun!
twinners :)
She tooted...


After the mall, I went home and freshened up and then I was able to go see Amy, Jen and Mrs. B! Lucky me :) It was so great to be able to see them for a little bit. I love them all so much. Unfortunately I didn't get a photo :( 

Brock and Jake came and picked me up and we wen to dinner with Maddie and Brad! I've missed these people so much. Dinner was great, then we met up with Hayley and Joy and played some of our traditional games :)

Brrrrad :)

So my computer died.... so luckily this post was saved as a draft.. but it wont let me upload anymore pictures to this blog. So.. I'll talk  about Saturday on another blog :)

Love you all :)

Peace & Blessings


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sleep Deprivation.

I am truly sleep deprived friends. I thought I was finally caught up on the sleep that I lost while on my trip. Definitely NOT! One day I will be.. One day. Anyways, let's catch up.

  Joy and I made it home safely Thursday evening around.. 7? I think. I don't remember. Then I showered and got ready because at 9:00pm Tyler came to pick me up. We visited my mama and then went to Wal*Mart to get snacks for the Harry Potter premiere! woot! We were able to fit, 2 watter bottles ( Tyler's was HUGE) A big bag of Skittles, a big bag of Sour Patch Kids, and a bag of Peppermint Kisses ( So delicious ) in my purse! We made our way to the theater to get in line... but we went inside to get my ticket from the fandango thing, and we asked them what theaters they had let in.. they said 6! We look at our tickets.. lo and behold! We were theater 6! We walked right in and got GREAT seats, it was so awesome!
I swear.. he does like me. I promise. He just has a hard time remember to smile.
There we go :) & yes.. we did wear robes!
Julie & Cass came to say Hello :)
"Do a ' Harry Potter ' Face!!" Haha.. so great :)
Favorite :)

I got to bed around 3am and then got up at 6:30am.. it was fantastic. Went to work and it wasn't too bad. It was really good to see my kids again! Oh, how I have missed them :) After work I went home, ate dinner, got ready and was out the door again. Karly's reception was so beautiful... but not quite as beautiful as she looked! Holy cow I have some good looking friends :) Cass, Nathan, Julie and even Connor and Court came! & of course Kylee & Miss Elise were there :) We waited in line for a while, said hi to the bride and groom, ate some food. Then danced :) Yesssss!
Nathan :)
Love these 2 :)

He could be a Zombie. 
First dance was to Allred.. love it :)
He was the best :)
I'm so glad they came :)
He was so excited to see Karly & wanted to dance with her all night!
Me & the Beautiful bride :)
Sparklers :)

It was such a fun night :) I'm so happy for these two! They are so amazing together! Anyways, Saturday I spent most of my day with the lovely Lauren Morrison & it was fantastic! She's been out of my life for far too long. & she's here for a week :) yay!!

I Love you all :)

Peace & Blessings

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Washington DC :)

   I finally have a break from this crazy week that I've been in DC. It's seriously been non-stop since we've been here... at least it seems that way. Here's a play-by-play of how our trip has been!

THURSDAY: Joy and I left at 7:30am and headed to Utah. We drove to Murray UT, (David Archuleta's home town) so that her cousin could drive us to the airport. We got checked in and through security when our way up to our gate we hear a lady say over the intercom, "Joy Cooper, please go to the nearest white phone box and press zero for the operator." Needless to say, we started freaking out!! We had been really paranoid that Joy's carry on was too big. So we thought that's what it was. It wasn't. It was just her cousin, Joy had forgotten to give him the keys to her car. So we got it all figured out. BUT THEN! we hear "Cook & Cooper please come to the desk" (by our gate) we go and the lady asked us "Do you want to go to Dallas instead of your original flight?" We obviously said no... we were really confused. We still don't know exactly what they meant by that... but oh well :) We flew to Denver and found our connecting flight to DC. By the time we got to DC it was 9:45pm-ish. Talk about a full day of traveling! We met up with Jake at the airport and headed to the Metro station! We then got to his apartment, settled in and got a tour of his campus and met some of his college buddies. We were so exhausted by the time we got back to his place. We got in our PJ's and crashed!
( This was at the SLC airport.. excited? Yes. )
FRIDAY: Jake had class from 8am-Noonish. So we were able to sleep in and get ready before he got back. We then went to the White House, Washington Monument, WWII memorial & FDR memorial. Then to lunch/dinner at this cute little Italian place called Bertucci's! I got... Chicken Fetuccini Alfredo, I don't branch out :) Then we went bowling with some of Jake's friends and I sucked it up. It was so bad. But nonetheless it was fun! Then we came back and made.. FUNFETTI COOKIES!! and watched Toy Story 3! (which, by the way.. amazing movie. ) Then we FINALLY got to bed around 2:00am, of course I didn't fall asleep until 2:45ish.

Our group in front of the White House!
( Washington Monument )
( It was falling... )
( If only you knew the significance of this wall.. )
( I-DA-HO)

( I love this picture )

( & Einstein Memorial ) 

Later that night there was an alcohol awareness thing going on in the Lobby of Jake's place and they had Mocktails and the drunk Goggles.. needless to say, we had some fun with those :)
( The beautiful Joyful )
( Yours truly )
( & Jake, the sexy one )

SATURDAY: As I said on Friday, we went to bed at 2:45am.. well My alarm went off at 4:45am. Accident? No. That is the time we had to get up to be all showered and ready for New York by 6:15am. Insane. We made it to the bus station to leave to New York and Jake was having complications with his ticket stuff. We had a minor freak out that he couldn't get on the bus. Me and Joy in New York on our own? No bueno. The bus ride was just about 4 hours long, I only slept for about 30 minutes because my brother called me to tell me about his date.. sheesh. We got dropped off, found a bathroom and were on our way through the city! We did so many things! Like... 
Went to the top of the empire state building :)
Rode the 'way fun' Subway :)
Went to Central Park.. Beautiful!!
And we went to Times Square! Which was seriously SO AMAZING!!

We then went to the spot where our bus was supposed to pick us up and it wasnt there, then a bus pulled up and dropped people off but then said that it wasnt our bus... i was sad. then another bus came and the lady was like "i dont know what you guys are doing.. because this ain't your bus. peace!" haha! Finally a guy came and took us home. I didn't sleep.. at all on the bus, I sat next to one of jake's "kind of" friends on the way home because Jake wanted the window seat to sleep.. and he likes Joy better, therefore, she sat next to him.. did either of them sleep? NOOOOO!!! I was mad, but not really. It's all good. We made it home around 2am.. i think, and then went  straight to bed.

SUNDAY: A day of REST!! Holy cow it was amazing!! Our original plan was to get up and go to church with one of Jake's friend but we seriously didn't get up until 1:00pm! It was insane! WE were so exhausted! So we pretty much bummed around all day and then eventually went to the Lincoln Memorial which was beautiful! Especially at night!
So incredible.

So great!!
Yes, she did end by jumping up & down on her piano.

TUESDAY: Jake had an interview and some classes and meetings so we all went to lunch at Baja Fresh and then me and Joy got to go the Natural American History Museum on our own, it was pretty interesting! I loved seeing all the "First Ladies" dresses. Sooo gorgeous! And the slavery exhibit was interesting too! But after that, Jake came and we went to Georgetown.. seriously, the cutest town i've ever been in! And it's where DC Cupcakes is! And we were able to go to the water front, which was super cool! And then Jake had to go work on a paper so his friend Scott came over. We watched The Orphan and had a dance party... seriously, I love that guy! We make SUCH a great team! We danced to Replay and My Humps (videos on facebook) Crocker & Cookie! 
On the metro!

We were presidents for a minute :)
Humidity does great things for my hair!
Our dance party was so legit!
The one and only Scotty Crocker!
Our own Lady GaGa in DC!

WEDNESDAY: Our last day in Dc! Can you believe it?! It has been SO MUCH FUN!! But I miss my bed, home and family! A Ton! I could never live this far away.. on my own at least haha :) I'm a baby! But this day Joy and I went to George town again on our own and got the cuttest little notebooks and went to the GeorgeTown Cupcakes again... no bueno! It's sooo good! But it was super fun :) Then we came back and went to dinner with Jake and his friends and then had game night and a 2 song dance party! It was a great way to end our trip. It was so sad saying bye to my new friends though! :( Scotty & Ryan are so legit! I love those men! And Everyone really.. Jake has made some great friends here! I love them all! And I wish that somehow I can see them all again.. .maybe someday :)
No pictures from today... sorry :)

THURSDAY: I'm doing this day anyways... it hasnt quite happened. But Joy and I will have to be at the airport at 6:45am which is in...5-ish hours.. great! and then fly to Denver and then to SLC, and then drive home. Then Harry Potter Premier and then sleep!! Then work at 8:00am. I'm so crazy for doing this to myself haha. Oh well :) It's worth it! 

I am so grateful that i've been able to go on this wonderful trip! It has been truly amazing! I've learned lots and met lots of  great friends! :)

I love you all :)

Peace & Blessings