Sunday, November 28, 2010


Alright, now let's finish :)
Saturday I watched Emilee again. We went to the mall again, got me some  new pants and her a stuffed animal. We then got some lunch together, I can't get enough of this little girl. She has my heart. And say some of the funniest things.. like on Friday. Her and I went and listened to Tyler play the piano for a few minutes and she says: "Courtney.. can i ask you a secret?"
So I lean down to listen and she says: "Is Tyler married?"
I respond, "NO.. why?"
Her next question was: "What the craps that ring for?!"
She was referring to his CTR ring.. Oh how I love her and her sayings.. and her dance moves. Yes.. she did start shaking her butt while Tyler played a classical piece. So great.

After her mom picked her up I got ready and headed to Tyler's to hangout for a while. When I got there they asked me if I would sing with 4 other girls for a musical number in their ward. Of course I said yes. We practiced for a while and oh my goodness it was beautiful. The girls have beautiful voices and Tyler is just great at making up parts and playing.. it was great! We then played Just Dance.. on the wii. I am obsessed with this game now! It's hilarious, enjoyable and a good work out ;) haha We played that for a while then I made my way home before leaving AGAIN!
Saylee & Tyler: It's raining men :)

Wake me Up before you Go Go :)

It was seriously soooo much fun!! and sweaty! 
Today is Sunday and us girls performed in church this morning and it went so well! I loved it :) Tyler asked me to be his TA in the class he teaches.. I really just sit there and laugh & roll my eyes. It's what im good at :) Then I came home and slept :)
Such a good day. 

Love you all. 
Sorry this was a messy post..

Peace & Blessings

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