Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sleep Deprivation.

I am truly sleep deprived friends. I thought I was finally caught up on the sleep that I lost while on my trip. Definitely NOT! One day I will be.. One day. Anyways, let's catch up.

  Joy and I made it home safely Thursday evening around.. 7? I think. I don't remember. Then I showered and got ready because at 9:00pm Tyler came to pick me up. We visited my mama and then went to Wal*Mart to get snacks for the Harry Potter premiere! woot! We were able to fit, 2 watter bottles ( Tyler's was HUGE) A big bag of Skittles, a big bag of Sour Patch Kids, and a bag of Peppermint Kisses ( So delicious ) in my purse! We made our way to the theater to get in line... but we went inside to get my ticket from the fandango thing, and we asked them what theaters they had let in.. they said 6! We look at our tickets.. lo and behold! We were theater 6! We walked right in and got GREAT seats, it was so awesome!
I swear.. he does like me. I promise. He just has a hard time remember to smile.
There we go :) & yes.. we did wear robes!
Julie & Cass came to say Hello :)
"Do a ' Harry Potter ' Face!!" Haha.. so great :)
Favorite :)

I got to bed around 3am and then got up at 6:30am.. it was fantastic. Went to work and it wasn't too bad. It was really good to see my kids again! Oh, how I have missed them :) After work I went home, ate dinner, got ready and was out the door again. Karly's reception was so beautiful... but not quite as beautiful as she looked! Holy cow I have some good looking friends :) Cass, Nathan, Julie and even Connor and Court came! & of course Kylee & Miss Elise were there :) We waited in line for a while, said hi to the bride and groom, ate some food. Then danced :) Yesssss!
Nathan :)
Love these 2 :)

He could be a Zombie. 
First dance was to Allred.. love it :)
He was the best :)
I'm so glad they came :)
He was so excited to see Karly & wanted to dance with her all night!
Me & the Beautiful bride :)
Sparklers :)

It was such a fun night :) I'm so happy for these two! They are so amazing together! Anyways, Saturday I spent most of my day with the lovely Lauren Morrison & it was fantastic! She's been out of my life for far too long. & she's here for a week :) yay!!

I Love you all :)

Peace & Blessings

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