Sunday, November 28, 2010

Shall We?

I decided to title this something random.. I didn't want to put "Thanksgiving" like everyone else :) haha ANYWAYS!!

Thanksgiving was a success this year! Parker, Preston, and I first went to our mama's house for a thanksgiving lunch. She won a 23lb turkey.. we maybe ate half of a breast. It was so BIG! But so delicious! We then ate pie and played Disney Scene It 2. Parker won both games.. he cheated, im sure of it. And he ate my pie :( We then went to Dad's house and ate.. again! Blah! I was so full. But it was so gooooood! We napped again and then I went and hung out at Jake's house! Oh, how i've missed him :)
23lbs of delicious-ness :)
I kind of love these 2 :)
Texas Road House Rolls anyone?
You eat my pie AND put some on my cheek..? I put it on your face.

BLACK FRIDAY! I usually refuse to go out on this day.. but i had the little 5 year old sister for the majority of the day.. I couldn't keep her cooped up all day. So we ventured out for a while. We did alright! haha She got really tired and so did I ( ps. im having  a hard time keeping my eyes open right now.. ) Emilee and I went shopping with Hayley and Joy and it was great fun!
twinners :)
She tooted...


After the mall, I went home and freshened up and then I was able to go see Amy, Jen and Mrs. B! Lucky me :) It was so great to be able to see them for a little bit. I love them all so much. Unfortunately I didn't get a photo :( 

Brock and Jake came and picked me up and we wen to dinner with Maddie and Brad! I've missed these people so much. Dinner was great, then we met up with Hayley and Joy and played some of our traditional games :)

Brrrrad :)

So my computer died.... so luckily this post was saved as a draft.. but it wont let me upload anymore pictures to this blog. So.. I'll talk  about Saturday on another blog :)

Love you all :)

Peace & Blessings


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