Sunday, November 7, 2010

Leave Leaves.

Sooner or later I know the snow is going to come. I'm pleasantly surprised that it's not here yet.. but I'm not complaining!! :) But in the meantime, I've been enjoying this fabulous Fall weather! We Idahoans are so blessed.

So today was one of my best friends bridal showers and it was so much fun! She is so happy and I couldn't be more excited for her!! Only 2 more weeks and she will be a Mrs! How fun :) On the invites to the bridal shower you were given a "First" such as "First Night" "First Camp out" "First Pamper" I had "First Game Night" So I got them 4 decks of cards for their favorite game... Nerts! and Jenga!! haha! Some people were so creative and... sexy with their gifts ;) it was fantastic! I love seeing Karly get embarrassed, she's so adorable! But then they played this game, kind of like the newly wed game. They had asked Wade (finace') some questions the night before and gave them answers, so they played that and Karly had to give them an answer, if they got the same answer then they got a point.. well no points were involved in this one :) just fun. They did really well! They just don't agree on what Karly's favorite food is, thats all! But it was so much fun to see her all excited, it's going to be an amazing wedding day!

We then decided to go to Freeman Park and take pictures with all the pretty colors on the trees... well basically it ended up to be more of playing in the huge pile of leaves they had. haha! It was seriously so much fun!! I felt like such a kid, you know.. no worries? :) So great! We got some really great shots! and some videos. It was Julie, Cass, Marissa, myself and our friend Chelsey! She loved the leaves! It was fantastic!
Here are some photos from it:

It was such a good day today! I am so thankful for all the good friend in my life and those who love me for what I am :) They are great influences on me and I'd be lost without them.

Peace & Blessings

ps. 5days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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