Sunday, February 27, 2011

There's this 5 year old...

 & she knows how to make me feel better :)
Honestly, this child will probably never understand how much she means to me. I can't be upset around her.. it's impossible.
She can always brighten my day.
You're the best Emilee Morgan :)

Thank you for having a "girl" party with me Friday night :)
You turned my day right around dear.
Love always, Your big sis.

Just for the record...

I hardly ever write super serious, personal stuff on here about my life... & i'm still not going to. But all you should know about tonight is that...

I am NOT excited to write in my journal.

Peace & Blessings

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Well, I got tagged. So let's go.

1. I cry over everything. I am a true baby & always will be.
2. I also worry about everything. I think of the worst possible situation that could happen, simply so I can be prepared for it.
3. I've only had one major surgery in my life.
4. My worst fear is being kidnapped/raped. 
5.I love writing in my journals. The thought that goes through my head is.. "one day, my children will read this."
6. My favorite books are the Hunger Games Series.
7. I was born in California, yet, I've only been on the beach twice.. and not even in California.
8. I am a Diet Dr. Pepper addict.
9. I sometimes think about what i'm going to do about bridesmaids when I get married because I consider a lot of girls my best friends :)
10. I taught myself how to play the guitar and ukulele. 
11. My favorite outfit: V-neck, cardigan and jeans. 
12. I ran my car into a building my junior year of high school. 
13. I am a sucker for boys of different ethnicities. 
14. I will travel when i'm older. 
15. I'm claustrophobic. Big time.

There you go friends :)
I'm not going to tag anyone.. if you want to do this, do it :)

Love you all.

Peace & Blessings 

PS. today sucked.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Oh Tomorrow.

I seriously look forward to this:

and this

Every night... It's my favorite part of the day :)

Love you all :)

Peace & Blessings

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

For You.

I walk into the center around 2:45pm (the center is my work).
Chat with Nathan for a minute, when I hear... "Courtney, Benny's here!"
So I walk out around the corner to find him and there he is, in his adorable spongebob hat (backwards of course) and his new glasses... but wait...
He's holding something behind his back and has a huge grin on his face!

He hold out a cute little fake rose and says "Pa-poy!.. for you Courtney"

I loved it! "pa-poy" is from Despicable Me.. his favorite movie.

It seriously made my day though, he is so adorable & I love working with him!!
I love my job :)

Peace & Blessings

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nightly Routine.

   Alright, so blog world. I don't even know when I blogged last.. Yes, I could check but oh well :) I just know that it's been far too long.
Just a few things:

1. I had a great birthday! Very simple but I enjoyed every minute of it. I worked and then finished moving my family into our new beautiful house! I Love it :) and then I had dinner at my mom's with my brothers. It was fabulous... even the birthday cake was amazing.. (mom, i have no idea if you read this.. but i wont post the picture of the cake because i love you ) Can I just say... I Love my mom so much :) she's adorable!

So cheesy :)
& this is us :)

2. I wrote my first song on the guitar! I wrote it for my friend Amy, because she wrote me one on my birthday and it was so cute! So i did my best for my first time. It's a little long & cheesy. & has some great Peter Pan references. But if we're friends on facebook, you can check it out HERE! & please let me know what you think!

3. I'm going back to good ol' Rexburg. Yes, it's true. It was decided tonight! I'm actually really excited about it. I feel good about it & im' pretty sure it's where i'm supposed to be... for now :) I will be there in Spring! Yes.. that's in 2 months.. eek! I'm nervous but so ready!

Well friends, thats my life right now. 
Oh! and I love my nightly routine. I love my scripture study and writing in my journal. It's seriously so peaceful to me.. it can't get better than that. It's my time to think and ponder and pray. & I love that :) 

I love you all!
Peace & Blessings

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I've always tried to keep a journal.
I started in like the 6th grade,
but I hated it.
But I found the cutest one in DC and bought it and I became addicted to writing in my journal. If i don't get to it one day... 
i'm constantly thinking about how I didn't document my day.. It's horrible!
The thought process that goes through my head when buying a new journal or when writing in it is:
My kids are going to read this. They're going to think, "man.. this is what mom was like at 19!"
and I want them to be interested and not disgusted & I want the journals to look interesting. Not just some plain Jane thing :)
Anyways, I'm going to go write in my journal now :) 
I'll post a picture of my new one soon.. its so pretty!!!

Peace & Blessings

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Just to inform you:

I am definitely more excited for this:

Than I am for this:

and that's that :]
Love you all so much!

Peace & Blessings

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I have been pretty happy the last week or so. 
I am so incredibly blessed to have the people I have in my life. 
They are truly amazing. 
I am blessed to have people who are constantly building me up 
& not bringing me down. 
I have a great family, who is so incredibly supportive.
I've been hanging out with new people... and it's great :)
I have people who love me for me. 
I'm grateful for love & friendship.
I'm so happy to have the gospel in my life.
It's amazing.
I love late night talks. 
They're my  new favorite.
I bought a uke :)
This is my happy face :)
Don't worry: I do notice that my hair is nast and my make-up has worn off... but i'm ok with it :)

I love you all.

Peace & Blessings