Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nightly Routine.

   Alright, so blog world. I don't even know when I blogged last.. Yes, I could check but oh well :) I just know that it's been far too long.
Just a few things:

1. I had a great birthday! Very simple but I enjoyed every minute of it. I worked and then finished moving my family into our new beautiful house! I Love it :) and then I had dinner at my mom's with my brothers. It was fabulous... even the birthday cake was amazing.. (mom, i have no idea if you read this.. but i wont post the picture of the cake because i love you ) Can I just say... I Love my mom so much :) she's adorable!

So cheesy :)
& this is us :)

2. I wrote my first song on the guitar! I wrote it for my friend Amy, because she wrote me one on my birthday and it was so cute! So i did my best for my first time. It's a little long & cheesy. & has some great Peter Pan references. But if we're friends on facebook, you can check it out HERE! & please let me know what you think!

3. I'm going back to good ol' Rexburg. Yes, it's true. It was decided tonight! I'm actually really excited about it. I feel good about it & im' pretty sure it's where i'm supposed to be... for now :) I will be there in Spring! Yes.. that's in 2 months.. eek! I'm nervous but so ready!

Well friends, thats my life right now. 
Oh! and I love my nightly routine. I love my scripture study and writing in my journal. It's seriously so peaceful to me.. it can't get better than that. It's my time to think and ponder and pray. & I love that :) 

I love you all!
Peace & Blessings

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