Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So this is how it goes..

I figured out why I don't blog a lot.
It's because I feel like I need to post pictures when I blog. 
& I never take pictures! It's sad actually...
I'm going to get better at this, and blogging :) 

Alright, so i'm not going to do a catch-up because that would just take too long. So let's talk about my last 2 days.. almost 3 days.
I have had the flu. and it sucks. big time! I can't remember the last time I've thrown up...It's seriously been years and years. So I've been trying to eat.. and keep the food down. and get rest. But i'm just so uncomfortable. It sucks :( But hopefully i'm better tomorrow. I want to go to work. I miss it.... weird? NO. Blessed!
I'm seriously so blessed to work with the people that I do. They are so good to me. And so incredibly caring and work so well with me :)
& my two favorite ladies at Fairview.. I don't know how I have lived my life not knowing them. 
My family has been great to me.
Angie: Holding my hair back, getting me soda & a wet cloth.
Dad: Keeping me strong & helping me not be a baby. 
Hannah: Making me dinner & filling up my ice water.
Love them!
And it's amazing how many of my friends offer to get me stuff if I need it :) Love them too!

Here are some things i've decided while being sick:

I want a frog like this.
The little sister is obsessed with J. Biebs.
& I'm probably the best color-er around :)

Peace & Blessings

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