Sunday, May 1, 2011


I have this friend.

Who knows everything about me.
Who is always there for me.
Who knows how to make me laugh in any situation.
Who  doesn't care what people think of them.
Who cares for me.
Who takes care of me when I need it.
Who loves my family.
Who is beyond talented in many things.
Who knows why I am the way I am.
Who accepts me for me.
Who makes up silly hand shakes with me.
We make up songs & don't find it strange at all.
Who looks out for me.
Who loves Glee as much as I do.
& accepts that :)
Who is honest with me.
Who Accepts my honesty.
Who helps me want to be a better person.
Who cares tremendously for others.
Who goes to Stadium Singing with me.. even though they might not want to :).. thanks so much!
Who wants the best for me.

& I feel the same way towards this person.
They are truly amazing & I can't picture my life without them.

Thank you, Tyler. For everything.

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