Wednesday, September 29, 2010

& here we go again.

    First off, I just need to express how much I love my job. I sometimes feel like I have the best job ever, yes... there are those days that are super draining, but its seriously ALL worth it. I work at The Learning Center where I'm able to interact with disabled children. I specifically work with one autistic child. It's so hard to sometimes understand the way he thinks and why he does the things he does. But every day is something new, I'm never bored and believe me.. something exciting always happens!
     There's this one kid there who I have just fallen in love with! (not real real love you freaks) but he has down syndrome, and is just so adorable. We were riding in the van to go to community (Reeds Dairy) and he started singing to me, it was so adorable. Eventually I started singing with him :) best day so far! Then the next time I was working we all went to the park and as I was swinging he came up to me and started signing again! and held out his hand and grabbed my hand and in the middle of the playground started slow dancing with me... haha what a charmer eh? I loved it! I love these kids so much, and I leave work feeling so accomplished knowing that I helped them in some way that day that will help them have better skills, no matter what it may be.
    (This is my friend.. singing to me :] )

So now you know about my job :) The job in which I love! If you ever have the chance to learn more about a person with a disability, or have the chance to work with them, dont pass it up. It is amazing what they can teach you :)
Peace & Blessings :)

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