Sunday, September 26, 2010

Shake it off & take a step up.

    So on Thursday night I went to Pocatello for a Sara Bareilles concert & oh my gosh, it was sooo worth the drive and 12 dollars :) She is seriously so talented! One thing I really enjoyed about it was that it was just in like a ballroom/gym. So they were on this little tiny stage, it was great. At first we didn't have front row ( as in standing next to the railing) but thenn... these creepers started talking to us and said "well hey, you guys are short, take our spots" :) it pays to be short people! So Maggie McClure is who opened for Sara Bareilles, talk about the cutest little thing ever! I really love her music, I bought a shirt from her and her CD, definitely check her stuff out... except, she was a little frantic when signing autographs and accidently signed her name on the chest, i put on the shirt the next day and was like... grrrrreat! haha. Then the beautiful Sara Bareilles was up! I knew it was
going to be a good show when they started out playing "You make my dreams come true" Absolutely LOVE that song :) She put on a great show, I couldn't stop smiling, although she does enjoy using the "S" word (<< that was funny to typ) and the "F" word every so often, she super funny and reminded me of Hayley Reese because she loves to make awkward moments :) It was fabulous. I've been gradually posting videos on  my facebook, so you can check those out. I'm so glad I was able to go to this concert, definitely one of the best.
I was able to go with Courtney Williams and her friend MiMi Fetzer... i think thats her last name haha, anyways we went to Buddy's before and that was a great experience. We talked about a lot of great things :) I love girl time haha.
So church today, was really really good!
 A guy gave a talk on adversity. and why we have it in our lives. He started telling us that we need to stop wishing our life away and waiting for the next best thing, we need to live our lives right now to the fullest! and find the "joy" in our life ( i've already found my JOY) but anyways, he then began to read a story about this boy who said " man.. i can't wait utnil im out of boy scouts, i wan to be in high school like my brother and have a car" then he said " man i can't wait until i'm out of high school and go to college, then i can have my own car and wont have to listen to my parents, man i cant wait until im out of college and on my mission... blah blah blah" you get the jist of it. so in the end the boy is now and old geezer and says " man.. i wish i was a boy scout again, those were the best days of my life" and thats so true, if we're waiting around of opportunities to arise, we are missing out on all of the ones that are passing by right in front of our faces. So think about your life, are you happy? If so, keep it going my friends :) If not, do something that will make you happy, it's your life, do with it what you may :)
Peace & Blessings


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