Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Alrighty my fellow bloggers! 
It has been ages since I last posted. I don't really have an excuse,
but i'm going to try and come up with one!
When blogging, I feel as though I need to post pictures.. ya know? Well for some reason, I haven't taken
any pictures in months! That's sooo not like me! So I"m going to try and do better. But 
what i've decided to do for this post is post A TON of pictures from the past. I found
a ton on my mom's computer and they made me happy! So many memories :) But seriously.. when I say a ton, I mean it!
So here we go :) 
ps. the next post will be better!

(me in the... 8th grade)

(When cool kids took pictures in the mirror)

( I love my mama bear)

(First dance)

(Ignore the birdy finger.. thanks Lexi :] )

(This is the boy  I had a fatty crush on sophmore year.)

(Summer working in Island Park)

( I don't even know when this was. haha)

( She's one of my best )

(when we took pictures until 2am)

(The 3 blondes)

(Rain in Florida? The Best!)

( My Tiddy!)

(Someone in the Caribbean is enjoying these amazing shades.. :( )

(Kylee Jane herself)

(Back when having a camera made you a photographer :] )

(Rays In & Out!)

(Miss Tidwell)

( Happy 18th to Parker!)

( No caption)

( One of my ALL TIME favorite pictures)

( :] )

(Big Brother)

(The Furry Vest)

( My mom in Pictures)

( I love her for everything she is :] )

( My Boyfriends In High School)

( KELLAN!!!!!!)



( Best Night in a while)

( Me and my girl Kar)

( He kind of has my heart :] )

( He's a punk, but he's my little brother)

( Going to Jonas Brothers)

(She's the cutest)

( They were so little!)

( Baseball games!)

( The Day we found out MJ died!)

(My other boyfriends)

( They're kind of my favorite!)

(the absolute best!)

( My little sister)

(THE dance party)

( A drunk guy took this photo.)

( Joy will appreciate this picture.)

( One of the best days)

( The Best summer)

(the creeper look)

(the sexy jake)

( Our Target trips)

(our first grown-up picnic!)

( Hold on tight spider-monkey)

(the many faces of Hayley Jo)

(pretty adorable)

( She dated my cousin...)


( My face looks demented)

( haha.haha..ha..ha!)

( Great quality)

( a GREAT party..)

(My FAvorite*)

(THE picture..)



( You could call him my best friend)

( T Swift say whaa?!)

( and again.)

(Senior Commencement)

( My cinderella dress :] )

( My Greg)

( Be our friends)

( Jeremiah :] )

( My BFF)

( slap!)

( chase!)

( My girl sid :] )

(I love him ;])

( This is Jared)

(& this is Cade)

( My favorite picture of us)

( The best dance ever!)

( & we will end with Kellan's adam's apple)

I told you it was alot! I enjoyed it.. and its my blog, so thats all that matters :) love you all!

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