Sunday, December 12, 2010

17 Years Later..

& we're still friends :)

( My all-time favorite picture of us )

This is Lauren Mary Morrison.
She is my best friend. We met when we were 3 years old and haven't separated since. We met in our gymnastics class, Wanna know how? I will tell you. 
I was practicing my head-stand. Our instructor was holding my feet up in the air.. so basically my behind was facing her face. Anyways, I let one rip. ( ya know.. a fart ) and Lauren started laughing. You would think I would be mad at her for laughing, but no, we became friends. All due to a simple toot :) I used to go over to Lauren's house every day after school (1st-3rd) and we would watch Arthur and Full House. It was amazing. We made up dances to Brittney Spears songs and performed them on a regular basis. We were part of the 'Flipper Club' and did shows. 

she's the friend that calls me and will say " Hey.. so, I'm craving ice cream again.. will you come?" and even though its the first blizzard of the season and no one is out and its 9pm, I say yes :) Lauren is the friend that always offers me milk at her house because she knows that just what we do, and of course.. I will never turn down a nice cold class of milk.. remember when we used to pretend you were a bartender? 
Lauren is always willing to listen to me when I give her a random call during the day/night. She's the girl who's been there through everything and understands why I do the things I do. We used to get in retched fights.. but now, we're mature young ladies & we have discussions :) I love our annual Rio trips when she comes home. 

This girl is the friend that is leaving me. It's bitter sweet. I couldn't be more excited for her, but I also feel like a mother and my child is leaving! I'm so nervous for her and I know i'm going to worry about her constantly. It's going to be weird having her so far away.. OH, where is she going you might ask?

North Carolina will be her new home. Look at how beautiful it is there. she's so lucky! I'm truly going to miss her though... She's my best friend and I love her. 

I love you Lauren! Thanks for always being there. Thanks for always loving me for me. You are truly great :)
(ps. can this next weekend come any sooner? )

Love you all :)

Peace & Blessings

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  1. this made my freaking day!!! OF COURSE I remember being bartender. Pretty sure we still do that. I love you best friend!! I may be leaving but you are never rid of me.