Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy Time.

These past few weeks, I've seen how money can have so much power over a person. To the point where they obsess over it. I hate money. I hate how it can destroy a home, a family, a marriage. I'm so grateful that I have a job that pays me enough that I can pay my bills and such. I just hope that I never get to the point where i'm obsessing over money, and that it becomes my biggest stress in life. EVER.

I also think we need to remember the true meaning of Christmas. I see these crazy shoppers out buying gifts and wanting to get everything and anything for their family. I understand that it is part of the Christmas tradition to open presents and such. But, when did we start letting kids think that they have to have more than one or two presents underneath the tree? We should all be grateful that we even a have a tree, a house, a home, food. I see how spoiled kids are and it disgusts me. Seriously. I hear parents say, "I can't let my kids go without on Christmas!!"... go without? without what? Go without a toy to open up and use for a week and then forget about it?
I don't understand those people. I never will. I hope that when I become a mom, that I am able to teach my kids that Christmas isn't about presents, It's about our Savior. I don't want my kids to become obsessed with how big their gift is or how many gifts they have under the tree.. I want them to have the feeling of wanting to give to others who are truly going without on Christmas Day.

Now on to a happier note :)
I've been a little down these past few days and one thing that ALWAYS cheers me up is music. The power of music is amazing. 
But as I was flipping through my iPod, I realized that the majority of the songs on there make me think of a person or experience. And those people probably have no idea that I think about them every time that certain song comes on! So I'm going to flip through my iPod now and jot down the song and who/what it makes me think of :) deal? Ok. GO!

*Hey by Backseat Goodbye - Brock Sondrup, I remember showing you this song in my car last winter break and you loved it. 

*I Look To You by Glee Cast - Tyler Carlisle,  A lot of Glee songs make me think of you.. simply because we watch Glee every Tuesday :)

*Out of my League by Stephen Speaks - Jared Jones, I first heard this song on your Myspace page and fell in love with it.

*Rock & Roll by Eric Hutchinson - Allison Gardner, simply because we rock out to it every time it comes on in the car. 

*Your Guardian Angel by The Red Jumpsuit A. - Cassandra Millard, because you called me one night crying because of this song.

*Alejandro by Lady GaGa - Eddy Walsh, because you love her. So much. :)

*Zero Gravity by David Archuleta - Hayley Reese, because David pointed to you during this song at the concert :)

*Mario Kart Love Song by Sam Hart - Jake Stewart, you are the person who showed me this adorable song!

*Tik Tok by Ke$ha - New Years Eve last year!! & Jake getting pulled over :)

*Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova - Allison Gardner, because you showed me this amazing version.

*With You by Chris Brown - Allison Gardner, because of the dance move we made up to the part "with you with you with you with you with you" & also, Ben Coyne.. because that part was made up about you. haha!

*Oh Love by Brad Paisley & Carrie Underwood - Cassandra Millard, because we listen to AT LEAST once every time we're in my car. 

*Be Still My Soul by Molly David & Tyler Carlisle - Tyler Carlisle.. simply because you're the one playing the piano in the background :)

*Hey! by The Rocket Summer - Jake Stewart, because the first time I listened to The Rocket Summer's new album, was with him.

*Tell Him by Celine Dion * Barbara Streisand - Cassandra Millard.. we know why :)

*Catch Me by Demi Lovato - ( yes this song is on my iPod.. ) McKell, Nina and Brielle.. because you made up an adorable dance to this song. 

*Love Like Woe by The Ready Set - Preston, because you listened to this song over and over and over until you knew all the words.

*Rude Boy by Rihanna - Apt. 211 winter semester.. because we danced to it ALL THE TIME!

*Love You I do by Jennifer Hudson - Christina & Ali.. because you sang it so well on AGT :) 

*Breakdown by Jack Johnson - Brennan Bradley, because you love Jack.. and you played the first part of this song the uke. 

*Breakin' Dishes by Rihanna - Nancy Johnson, You're the one who showed me this song..and watching you dance to it was truly a great day.!

*Shake It by Metro Station - Sidney Backus, we rocked out to it in my car the night we crashed that stake dance :)

*G-Slide by Lil' Mama- Allison Gardner, because you love the first part of this song.. and it was your ringtone :)

*Come Home by One Republic Ft. Sara Bareilles - Courtney Morrison, because Lauren told you cried to this song when Jake was gone.. cute :)

*Shut up & Let me go! by The Ting Tings - Lauren Morrison.. because we made a video to it!

*I will follow you into the dark by Death Cab - Amy & Katie :) Just because.

*Merry Happy by Kate Nash - Jake and Joy.. because hey! we saw her :)

*I'm Yours by Jason Mraz - Tyler Carlisle.. because it was the first ring tone you had when you came back..and im pretty sure you still have it?

*Waking up in Vegas by Katy Perry - Allison Gardner, because we rocked out to it in the car when we entered Vegas :)

*Go the Distance from Hercules - Robbie McCormick, because I still can't get over how well you can sing it :)

*Get Me Bodied by Beyonce' - Jake, because you introduced it to me and Joy because I love dancing to it with you!

*ABC by Jackson 5 - Preston, because we sing it in my car together and I know you love it :)

*Listen by Glee Cast - Tyler Carlisle, because you looooovvvee this song.

*The Prayer by Josh Groban & Celine Dion - Tyler, because we sang it in my car.. then you wanted to sing the girl part. And you were good at it :)

*Time by Chantal Kreviazuk - Lauren Morrison, because we drove you to college while listening to this song. Just like we planned forever ago.

*OK, it's Alright With Me by Erick Hutchinson - Tyler Carlisle, because you were obsessed with song foreverr and you probably still are :)

*Crazy Crush by Love You Long Time - Cade Hollingsworth, because I had a HUUUGEE crush on you my sophmore year and you came down the hall towards me and you were singing this.. made my day. hahaha so funny!

*Instigator by Kaci Brown - Tyler Carlisle, because you told me I needed this song, because it's my song... hmmm

*Fool For Love by Stefy - Allison Gardner, this is our summer song :)

*Happy by NSN - Parker, because you used to play it constantly.

*Who Knew by PiNK - Mama.. because I still don't know why you like it so much :P

*If It means a lot to you by ADTR - Shane Ball, because you told me I would love it. You were right.

*What's It Like by Maggie McClure - Jared, just because.

*Sweet Pea by Amos Lee - Jason Lucas.. because one day, you'll sing that song, just for me. haha!

*Music Box by Regina Spektor - Regina Spektor.. because I saw you in NY and didnt say anything.. dumb.

*My Life Would Such W/O You by Kelly Clarkson - Tyler.. because my life would truly suck without you!.. aww tender moment.

*What's My Name? by Rihanna - Delicate Janeen, because we dropped it like it was hot to this song while at the Christmas Program practice :)

I'm done. I just want you all to know that every time I hear these songs, I think of you. 

& I love you all :)

Peace & Blessings

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