Saturday, December 4, 2010

Social Networking.

The one and only FaceBook.
Where we keep up with our friends and their lives.
Where we learn who's dating, who broke up, and who's in a "complicated" or "open" relationship.
Where we stalk people we want to add, but it would be weird if we did.
Where we update people on what it is we did eat for lunch that day.
Where we look at other people's photos wishing we had that fun of a night.
Where we choose a profile picture that best compliments our features :)
Where we can remember people's birthday's and can write on their wall instead of send or text or, heaven forbid, pick up the phone and make a call.
Where some people, (not I), spend more than an hour playing a game about farm animals or ninjas.. or fish.
Where you can 'poke' someone.. and its not considered dirty..
Where we can talk to people around the world in an instant.
Where you can "hide" someone and be okay with it.
Where everything becomes "official."
Where the biggest dis of all time is being 'deleted'.
The only way that we are able to tell everyone about anything we want...

I hate it all.
But I love it all.

1. I don't do drama.
2. If you get mad over something on Facebook... You are retarded. Seriously.
3. There will never be a "sarcasm" font on Facebook, which is quite disappointing, but true. So you can't take everything so literal. If you do.. you will get mad, and then I will not like you.
4. You can't get mad at someone for posting something on THEIR facebook.. its theirs, so you cant change it. If you don't like it.. chose to ignore it... or hide them ;)
5. (My final point) When you get deleted as a friend, and you throw a fit about it.. My first thought it, Hmmm if this is something you're getting worked up about, you have a bigger issue here... the fact that facebook is becoming your life and when you get deleted its all you can think about..

Friends... don't get so involved in social networking. I think we're losing valuable time that can be spent in the real world. Yes, I love facebook, I love keeping up on people's lives. But let's not let it consume us.

-Satan is getting people to live in a virtual world without a body.. the same way he lives without a body.-

I'm not saying get rid of it. Just don't become obsessed. It's not attractive or healthy.  And.. please please! Do not get mad over it.. there are bigger issues in the world. Waaaayyy more important things to worry about than who is your friend on FB and who's not.

I love you all :)

Peace & Blessings

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