Friday, December 3, 2010

The Married One.

Next Friend? 


My first really close friend to get married & amazing it was! Truly a beautiful bride, Wade is seriously one lucky dude. 
Look at her! Amazing! I've "known" Karly since we were the age of 4, we did dance together.. I know, cute! But we went to elementary school together and started hanging out in middle school & basically never stopped! Karly is one of the funniest girls i've ever met. She knows how to make you laugh and how to make any situation awkward... ANY situation. She was the one friend who always had the boyfriends and all that jazz. She is my mother in all of my pictures... really though, she looks like mom in every picture we take together. Well.. she doesnt look like my mom, she looks like she could be my mom.. does that make sense? She'll understand. I love when we would go on our photo shoots with her, always an adventure. She's pretty gifted with that whole camera, photography, stuff! Another thing she's good at? Blogging! Her blog is so cute but so incredibly CUUUTE! She's great with kids and I just love her to death. Always has been there for me, and even though she's a married woman now.. I know she'll always be there for me :) 

I love you Karly! Thanks for always being such a great friend to me :)
I'm so glad you're so happy! Congrats again baby girl!

Ps. That beautiful picture of Karly was taken by Aja Jemmett :) Check out her stuff  HERRRREEE!

Peace & Blessings

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