Monday, January 23, 2012

Babies, food, & neighbors :)

Hello Blogland!

It has been another lovely week here in Rexburg... lovely? Let's try that again. 
It have been another stressful & cold week here in Rexburg & I'm trying to stay positive!

Yup, much better! 
It finally snowed today & people are freaking out. It's kind of humorous. Student were sliding everywhere today, both in their cars and on their feet. 

My classes are going really well. I still have A's in all of them, which is a VERY good thing. 
I'm meeting lots of new people & my roommates are pretty great. 

I also  had a taco night in IF with my lovely friends, Karly, Wade, Julie, Hada & Nathan. Let's just say... it was amazing. I've missed them SO MUCH! 

Wanna know something that's REALLY exciting??

top 5 reasons why i'm so stoked:
1. I get to see Lauren Mary Morrison AKA Bunny Begard AKA The best friend
2. I get to see the beach again with the before mentioned best friend :)
3. I get to be in warm weather, beautiful weather. 
4. I get to see my best friend. 
5. My best friend is beautiful! Did you know that? 

Yes, we will be reunited again :)

She's a pretty great person. She's so strong. And beautiful. & she deserves the world. Did I mention how she's basically living the dream right now? Over a year ago she picked up and moved across the country. Something.. that I could never do. Look at her go. I'm so grateful that I get the chance to go to her beloved home for the 2nd time. & i'm glad she'll have me :) It's going to be a blast. 
Cookout - Beach - Pillow talk - doughnuts - movies. I can't wait :) 
My best friend is amazing. 

Other than that amazing news. 
I received some other great news. 
I AM AN AUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 To this beautiful baby boy :) 

Daxton James Shumway 
6lbs 11oz
 He is so handsome. 
Sunday morning my step brother and his wife had this little bundle of joy :)
& I can't wait to meet him in person!

& once again, here's the rest of my week via pictures :)

I woke up to these Sunday morning... My roommate Nicole is the best :)

I tried the salon effect nail sticker things.. they're pretty cool.
But if you're a "picker" I don't suggest them. 

I got dressed up for some pictures :)

Jon, my love, helped out at our photo-shoot with Tyler.
He is amazing :)

I saw this and loved it :) 

I spent literally 7 hours doing homework on Thursday....

Last night my roommates and I decided to have a late night. It was amazing. We sang all night long, danced, and baked. And then we saw our manager's assistants walking up our stairs. We shut off all the lights and hid.... they stood there for 10 minutes! There were so many snorts going on, it was amazing. They eventually left, and we continued baking, then ANOTHER girl came to our door (mind you, it was 3:00am) My roommate, Kim, answered the door in just her under ware and a t-shirt, this girl gave us a letter and some pop rocks.. she was from the apartment below us. Their letter to us is on the left... we wrote them one back (on the right)

It will definitely be a night to remember. 

Here's to another week!
With Love,
Me :)
PS. Congrats to my friend Elise on her engagement :)


  1. Congrats on being an aunt!! AND North Carolina. SO fun! And thank you for the congrats, I am so excited!! I hope to see your cute face at my reception :) love you!

  2. So your neighbors bring you snacks and a lovely letter when you're loud at 3am and mine call the police when we're loud at 9:30pm. RIDICULOUS! Can we trade?