Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Week.

Hey people,

My week has been so good, but soooo busy. 
It was my first full week of school which was so stressful & tiring.
School + Work = sucks. 
But it was so good. 
Instead of boring you with my words, 
here's an update via pictures. 

My roommates sister pranked her w/ this creepy doll head. 

I spent hours at the library and my kitchen table studying :P

I said Goodbye to this stud :)

I've been sky ping & texting this lovely girl! Miss you Cass.

This boy had a birthday! Love you Ty. 

I ran into Staceyyyy!!!!

& I spent my Friday night with this little bundle of joy. Isn't she adorable? I quite enjoy her. 

I hope you enjoyed those :)

Peace out people :)

With Love,
Me :)

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