Friday, January 6, 2012

MC Goodness

Yesterday I spent 3 hours in the library.
& if you know me.. that's a big deal.
I absolutely hate the library. 
It stinks & a lot of people there are creeps.
But I wasn't able to focus at my apartment, 
So I took charge and left.
But I finished it ALL! 
I was so proud :)
& I was able to fit in a 45 minute work out! ya!

Right now i'm sitting in the MC enjoying a banana, string cheese, and smart water. 
I only have one more class today & then work. 
I'm loving my job by the way.
I'm working at Upper Valley Options.
The people and clients are great!
I do miss my TLC family though :(

Here's to new beginnings! 

I had to personalize a journal for Child Development & this is what I cam up with :)
Oh, and I straightened my hair today! I'm feeling sassy.

With Love,
Me :)

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