Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Working Part-Time
14 credits
lovely roommates who like to party and stay up late having girl talk :)
an already worn out Courtney!

Seriously guys, 
This semester is going to wear me out!!
But its a good worn out. 
I'm so glad to finally be busy again. 
My first day of classes went really well!
And work was amazing! 
I actually got to work with clients today.
& I have a feeling its going to be great.
Tomorrow i have 3 classes back to back, then work.
7:45 class.... gah.

This is part of my day.
1.broccli & rice for din din.
2. finally printed new pictures for frames..
3... and updated cork board.
4. This would be my creepy child development book 
that I am going to be constantly reading :P

With Love,
Me :)

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