Friday, January 27, 2012

..and I'm feeling good.

Hello loves,
This week has been insane.
I have been doing homework for what seems like
I decided to NOT procrastinate & it's really helping.
Yesterday I finished a 4 page paper that's not due until
Feb. 6th.
That feels so nice :)
The only thing that stinks is,
even though I get ALL of this stuff done,
there's still SO much to do! :P
So I have a feeling of accomplishment,
but I still feel like i'm behind.
College is great.

Some things about my week:

It snowed. A lot. 

But even though it was snowy, gloomy, and cold, 
I still thoroughly  enjoy my morning walks/hikes to class. 

My hair was completely ruined by my 3rd class though. 

Let's just talk about this picture. 
In one of our buildings here on Campus, there's a greenhouse.
& it's amazing. Except...
the humidity loves to ruin my hair for pictures. 
But this is a picture of me and my roommates. 
From top left to right. 
Nicole (19. Vegas) Me. Amanda (18. Pocatello) Kayla (19. Dallas)
(bottom left) Megan (19. Vegas.) Kim (20. Dallas)
My roommates are pretty great.
& yes, i'm the oldy of the apartment. 
(more pictures to come!) 

Alright, so I sit in the Crossroads of the MC during my hour break on 
Monday, Wednesdays, and Friday. 
& this kid.. in the white was here on Wednesdays & I wanted to slap him. Bad. 
He sat here for 45minutes and complained about the following:
* How he is so 'above' writing a 1PAGE paper on a dumb topic
* How he knows more than his teachers do.
*How he thinks its dumb that you have to take foundation classes. 
*How he thinks the 'honor code' is ridiculous. He wants to wear shorts. (dude, its snowing)
*How all the girls here are dumb, because the ones he wants won't go for him.
*How the project he was working with this group is ridiculous, he could easily do it alone. 
Basically it went on forever. This kid needs a Happy Meal or something!

My dad called me yesterday and said that he was getting a new puppy :)
One of these little york-mix babies is ours! 
I couldn't be happier.
My dad said the one they picked is 1 1/2lbs and fits in his palm!
awww :)

I can't wait to see which one of these cuties is ours :)

My little nephew Daxton had to go back to the hospital yesterday :(
He's doing alright though. He gets to go home tonight.
How cute is he? Seriously?

And lastly,

I'm loving Instagram! I never really knew what it was. 
& finally, after realizing just how many people use it, 
I decided to try it out.  
Most of the pictures on here are from Instagram. 
It's the cool thing to do ;)

Well there's another update in the life of Courtney.
Life is pretty good. 
We all may get frustrated, annoyed, upset, and go crazy sometimes. 
But life really is good.
"Every day might not be good. But there's good in every day."

With Love,
Me :)

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