Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Alright people,
My mind was blown last week in my ED200 class
with our discussion on Idealism.
Now,  a lot of information was given to us,
so i'm going to do my best to portray all of it on here for you!
It's seriously so amazing.

Idealism is Mind over Matter.. but to the extreme.
My professor started the lecture by asking why we hadn't asked about her dog she brought to class that day
(there was no dog)
"I brought my dog Milo for you guys today & you aren't even acknowledging him, thats rude"
With a few giggles & confused faces, she asks us why we are laughing.
I raise my hand and say, "Well, there's no dog here."
She continued to argue with us that there was a dog there.
Then she tells this girl Stacey to call for Milo & then pet him.
She does and pretends to pet the dog.

Now, what was this about? Idealistic people truly live their lives this way! They believe that if you think it, its there. Some of them believe that its really 60 degrees outside when really its only 13. But because they believe it, it's there.
Another aspect of this is, idealistic people CHOOSE everything that happens to them. Now, i'm not saying the you chose to get in that car wreck... but you chose everything that led up to it, which ultimately means, you chose for this to happen. Idealistic people go through a ton of guilt because of this.

Now a more realist point of view. Idealistic people basically just create their own world, and they're constantly in it.
Girl sitting on the right side of the classroom. By the clock.
Boy sitting on the opposite side of the room, by the window.
Boy is tired and wants to leave class, he checks the time on the clock.
Girl notices boy looking her way. " He just looked at me!"
Boy... still impatient, looks at the clock again, and again, and again, and again and again.
Girl "This boy has looked at me 5 times in one hour... he probably likes me"
Girl goes home and tells her roommates about this boy in her class who wouldn't stop looking at her & he has a crush on her.

This girl just created an aspect in her own world. This is an idealistic trait, that MANY girls and guys do. We create these relationships and scenes in our head, when in the tangible world, nothing has really happened.

This is just a little bit of what I learned, but I was just amazed by it all! Yesterday we learned about Realism and that is also cool. But I won't bore you with that :)
If you're still reading, brava!

Other than that craziness, my week has been great!

The roommate. Amanda & I did facials. Her's was burning her face.. mine was quite soothing :)

I ran into this crazy person, who stole my phone & took pictures on it :)

Jon & I shared a very tender moment at Subway :)

Julie Magana sent me this picture of my baby boy and it said "miss you!" Did I cry? yes. Love this boy. 

& this is my sad face because I might die today from frost bite. Dang wind. 

With Love,
Me :)