Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Getting Out of the Box.

Today was a good day:

  • I was able to sleep in!
  • I had a delicious breakfast.
  • First day of work - boring. paperwork.
  • Came home and relaxed and got to know my roommates. (Who are insanely gorgeous & funny!)
  • Went to dinner with the roommates and one of their dads and a lot of other people. Her dad builds apartments and wants to know our (the students) input. Free dinner? yes :)
  • Then we came home and got ready. iNight - Speed dating - and dance time!! 
I am loving this semester. 
I am going to be crazy busy with both school & work. 
But i'm so ready for it.

I have found my motivation for both school and working out :P haha

I love you all & here's to another great semester!

My little brother is such a stud! Miss you broha.

With Love, 
Me :]

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