Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mi Familia :)

Day 17 - A photo of you and your family.

So I got extremely bored while doing laundry, so i'm going to do day 17 today as well :) 

My family is so disfunctional... I love them, but it will be easier to do individual photos of them :)

I absolutely adore this woman. My mama :)
My papa! The one who knows where the cool kids hangout :)
The step-mama, who keeps us young.
The older brother, protector & best friend.
The little brother, who is growing up WAY too fast.
The younger sister, who has way too many boyfriends.
The younger brother, who I worry about too much :)
The little-est who I love with my whole ENTIRE heart :)

I forgot about this photo... my dad's side of the family. BIG. :) LOVE.

I hope you enjoyed this :) It's my family and i'd be lost without them. 
Love you all.

Peace & Blessings

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