Saturday, October 30, 2010

Villa Time :)

      Right now I am at The Villa Coffee House in down town Idaho Falls. I feel like I should be in NYC or Seattle. I've never had an urge to live in either of those cities, but its fun to pretend. So that's what I'm going to do for the next hour or so. Pretend like i'm in a city and its raining.. because thats how it is in the movies :)
OH, and i'm drinking a Peppermint & White Chocolate Steamer :) DELICIOUS!!!

Time to Blog, for real. I've come to realize that I don't really like Halloween, the haunted houses are fun.. along with the corn mazes and such but over all, I don't like it. The best part of Halloween for me is seeing my siblings all dressed up in their costumes. But really, what is Halloween for people when they get older? Dressing up is a blast, don't get me wrong.. but then what do you do? There's dance parties but everyone feels the need to basically have sex with their clothes on. And Halloween just gives girls an excuse to dress up like whores and its ok. I hate that. And I feel like my costumes are always lame. So... Anyways, I don't know what I'll do tonight, I might just hand out candy. 
There's my rant on Halloween. 

Want to hear something really exciting?! My good friend Joy & I are leaving for Washington DC in less than 2 weeks! AH! I can't believe it's coming so soon! Time flies by! We're going there to visit our friend Jake who is going to school there and we're staying a whole week! ah! :) It's going to be so much fun. I'll definitely be blogging while there... maybe :) I don't even know what all we're going to be doing while there.. but hey, we're in DC!! There's lots of stuff to do :) 
We will be reunited soon enough :)

Oh and did I mention that jake comes home 5 days after we get back? He can't get enough of us :)

Well, I'm glad the blog challenge is over so I can just bore you with these little rants and excitement of my life.

Just so you all know, things are really looking up. I have a few people in my life that definitely making things better :) I absolutely love my friends. Who are always there for me when I need them. Thank you. 

Love you all. 

Peace & Blessings

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