Monday, October 11, 2010

Who needs an alternator anyways...

  I have to blog about my day today... and about last night. Maybe even the whole weekend. Actually, Let's start back at Thursday. :)

  Usually I would go to work at Fairview Elementary on Thursday & Friday but that district didn't have school those days. When these things happen, I just go into the actual center and as kids come I would work with one of them, along with all the other techs who are there. Well on Thursday I got there at 8:00am and 5 other techs were there and only 2 kids... until 11:00pm.. it was torture, we just ended up cleaning the whole place and eventually I got to work with a kid for an hour or two. It was so long and BORING! Then on Friday.. oh Friday, I was excited. Because I got there and once again, no kids, so at 10:30am they sent me home! Until 2:30 when I was scheduled to work with THEE cutest little boy. I got a call at 12:30pm and my manager said " Hey Courtney! The kid you were going to work with is going home early so  you'll be working with this other boy" OK , not a big deal.. right? Wrong. The kid I worked with was so hard, and seriously pushed my buttons. He tested my patience like none other! It was insane. I started getting sick as well.. nasty cold. *cough*cough* I was so drained by the end of the day.. but I just have to think to myself, these kids didn't have a choice to have these disabilities. right? right. And I need to just work on my patience, and these opportunities will help that.

  NEXT! Saturday was a pretty great day, got up, showered, feeling great! Go to Tyler's to watch... Vanhelsing? I think that's what it's called, That's probably spelt wrong though.... Oh well :) This is my blog. Anyway, we watched that and it's a pretty good show. Then I go home and take a 2 hour nap.. pure bliss I tell you. Pure Bliss. Wake up to Tyler calling me telling me he'll be there in 3 hours to get me to go to The Burg for an Organ recital. So I pull myself together, grab some food, get ready and there he was... late, but that's OK. We still love him. We rocked out to Glee the whole way... yes, I'm very happy he likes Glee :) We went to this... "cute" little place called Sammy's. They are famous for their pie shakes. They were really good, but if you have plans after you go there.. make sure you give yourself some time... We waited 25 minutes for 2 shakes... that's not acceptable in my book... at all. But the shakes were great, but what was better was the sight of me and Tyler trying to shovel them into our mouths so we could get to the Organ recital on time. Cold shakes + no time = Major brain freeze. We had to leave half of our shakes in the car, hoping they would be some what edible by the time we got back... The recital was AMAZING! I'll be honest, I didn't pay much attention to the organ before Tyler started playing it a lot and letting me watch. So incredible. So many little buttons that make

insane differences in the sound. My personal favorite thing about? The pedals on the bottom make the most beautiful sounds... ah! I love it. Definitely check it out sometime. Anyways, afterwards we headed home, & talked about our pet peeves. Sunday, Oh how I love Sunday... I was able to bare my testimony at the single ward. What they say about how your testimony can grow is by sharing it... so right. I was sitting next to Joy and I turned to her and said "joy... my heart is beating so incredibly fast.. feel my pulse" She does *gasp* "Court.. are you OK?" I said "yes.. it just means I need to get up.." So i march up there.. I'm not quite sure why I always get so nervous, Because I feel so good afterwards.. but anyways. It was a good day. Later that day Tyler called and asked me to come listen to him play.. which if I'm able to do.. I always do. He's a pretty talented guy. I like when random people at the church walk in and start complimenting him. I think "yup.. that's my best friend, he's great" haha Then I went and gave belated birthday presents to Miss McKell Morrison and the beautiful Joy Cooper :) It was great. I was able to catch up with my Mama Morrison. On the way back I was on the phone with Tyler and right before I turned on my street... My lights started dimming so I was like " Uhh.. I"ll cal you back Tyler" So I get off and right as I pull up to my house... my car dies. I was like WHAT THE!? So I ran inside and told my dad, he said "It's your alternator" a what? yeah, I know NOTHING about cars. So we looked up online how much a new one is and such... a cheap one was $200 something dollars... not cool. Seeing that I'm a big girl now and pay for my stuff on my own.. so not cool. Anyways, we called our good friends at Sunnyside automotive (these guys are great, so honest with you, and they come and get your car for you if needed... like mine :) Another great thing? OH.. just that they took my car at 2:00pm and it was ready at 6:00pm.. so great! But not having a car for day sucked big time!

it was great :) (... if there was a sarcastic font.. i t would be right there...)  I had to find a way to get to work by 8:00am and it takes 20 minutes to get there... I had to find a ride from the school to the center at 2:30pm and then a ride home at 5:00pm.. I was stressed, but I have great people in my life. Tyler was at my house right at 7:40am ( I waited for him on the side walk like a bus stop) I arrived at the school at 8:00am and he yelled to me "HAVE A GREAT DAY AT SCHOOL SWEETIE!!" As if I were a child or something.. pssh.. So I get into the 1st grade class room that I sit in.. and my kid is absent.. GREAT! now what? I usually work with him for 3 hours and I don't have a car to go anywhere, So I read my book (Mockingjay ;]) for the whole time, then I eat lunch with the teachers.. go out to the 6th grade trailer where I spend the rest of my day... and my 2nd kid is absent! I swear I was being punked. But no.. Ashton Kutcher didn't come around the corner... I was so pissed! So I go to the special ed teacher and I'm like "girl.. he's gone!" So she told me to call my mom and see if she could come get me early.. it was only noon, and if not she would take me into town. My mom couldn't leave so she did.. She is soo incredibly nice. I am so grateful for her. She helped a lot today :) So I got taken to my mom's office and she took me to work at 2:30.. so great. work was great today, i worked with my usual boy and I love him. We played Lego's, watched power rangers and made caramel popcorn balls with candy corns in them.. he was happy to see me :)

One more story :) If you are still readying this right now... you're a great friend :)
I needed to go to Wal*Mart to find a white dress for my Halloween costume, so whenever I go to Wal*Mart.. Tyler comes. We never have a boring trip to good ol' wally world. It's something different every time. This time, we put our CTR rings on our left hands and pretended to be that annoying married couple that argues over EVERYTHING. It was so great, we love those looks from people like "...seriously? they're fighting over who gets to push the cart?" haha It's so fantastic. I love our trips. A favorite? When he starts speaking Italian and expects me to respond... "uhh.. patso!" and I grunt. haha that's all. But that's how it should be right.. he does all the work!

   I know you're curious as to what I'm being for Halloween.... Well here you go :)

Sorry for rambling on & on...

Love you all 
-Oh and my good friend Jared is coming home this weekend.. this is a good thing. We need to be reunited. :) yay! I love him!

Peace & Blessings.

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