Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Weekend :)

My weekend was full of laughter, screams, sweat, pumpkins, singing & great company!

   I was able to go to Dr. Slaughters with Tyler this weekend. I haven't quite figured out why we pay to have people in masks to scare us... But it was worth it! We stood in line for a VERY long time, with these 12 year old behind us that were all up in our grills. It was great. And we saw some pretty sweet dancers dressed as mummies and the guy from SAW. CREEPY!!! Tyler and I didnt get put in a group like we thought we might. NO! We went through the whole thing with just us 2... It was intense. haha! Although I didn't let go of Tyler's arm and hand through out the whole thing, I wasnt legitimately scared until we got to this room that was supposed to resemble a coal mine, they made us stop because we caught up to the group before us.. (no worries... we didnt run at all...) And the guy "working" in the mine came right to me, I think he could tell I was nervous. He started showing me his hammer that he pulled people's teeth out with... then his friend BOB joined us, we finally got to go but they chased us with their hammers and they were slamming them against these metal plates.. it was so scary! haha. We did okay through out the rest of it.. then we heard the chainsaw.. we decided we would wait until the group in front of us got through... so we could just run right through that room. Yeah, didn't work, the chainsaw guy was waiting for us and scared the crap out of us, so we ran, or should I say Tyler ran while pulling me and as we push through the sheet at the end, everyone that had finished was waiting there.. and laughing at us. It was fantastic.
A word of advice: Dont wear a jacket there... you get super duper sweaty :) It's cute.

    After Dr. Slaughters I was able to meet up with my friend Jared! Jared and I first met while working at Rays In & Out and we kept contact while he was on his mission. But then he came home and went to school in Provo! :( So we havent seen eachother in over 5 months. So it was a great little reunion! I've missed him sooooo much! Although we don't have a recent photo, you can look at this one :)
We're cute, I know :)

I spent alot of Saturday with Tyler. We went to the pumpkin patch with his sisters and got the best pumpkins EVER! and for a great deal thanks to Tyler & Saylee. 5 for $20! Then we all just hungout, listened to Tyler play and Saylee sing their song for church (which was great by the way) We got caught up on GLEE.. disappointed... took a trip to Wal*Mart and Piano Gallery. Then we part of probably the most intense Pumpkin Carving contest i've ever been a part of. This competition included: Tyler, Myself, Saylee, Stetson (the crush), Karlee, Austin, Alyssa, 2 of their friends, Kayla, and Tyler's mom. The rules were, you couldn't use a stencil on your pumpkin, you only had 45 minutes and then Tyler's dad came up with 5 or 6 things we would be judged by, such as: sturdiness, creativity, technique and.. some others haha :) Anyways, I really thought I had a good chance of winning! But I didn't. Tyler did. haha dumb! I took some pictures of some of the pumpkins. Let me know what YOU think :)

Saylee's Nerd.
My Owl :)
Austin & Alyssa's Bats
Karlee's.. face :)
Tyler's mom's creation.
And here is the winner: Tyler's Castle.
We decided to skip out on Fireworks and take pictures :)

I forgot to add that I was able to go to Tyler's piano recital, well his students'. He teaches and they put on a recital and they all got to dress up in costumes.. along with Tyler who was a cow. It had utters :) 
It was a fun show to watch. The kids were great!
Here is Tyler and his students.

And this is what I did to Tyler's ankle while some of the kids were playing, it's a pretty great ghost!

All in all I had a great weekend, I was able to go to church today with Tyler and listen to Saylee and his musical number. Then I got to help teach Tyler's class of 13 year olds and that was fun :) 

Thanks for reading this!
Love you all :)

Peace & Blessings

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  1. Courtney, I love your owl creation. Also, please marry Tyler. I know he is your best friend, but come on, it's destiny. Plus he is super cool and talented. Plus you are cute.

    Joanna (remember when we would say "naked" after everything Coff said? It never gets old)